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About IPBA

The IPBA is the largest organization worldwide of people who collect and deal in the incredible variety of beautiful containers of perfume: commercials, atomizers, art glass, Czechs, miniatures, Victorian, novelties, and many others.

The IPBA is a not-for-profit corporation run by an elected Board of Directors, all volunteers. This website is about our organization, the people who make it great, and information about perfume and scent bottles, and related items.

The organization was established in July 1988 in Las Vegas, Nevada, during a convention of the Organization of Historic Bottle Clubs. Information about the group was disseminated to antique dealers and by articles in antique publications. A newsletter was inaugurated and at the end of the first year, membership had grown to 375.

The first annual convention was held in 1989 in Dearborn, Michigan. Officers were elected to serve. Thereafter annual conventions were held in many locations throughout the United States. The Association was committed to running the highest quality annual convention it could run with formal and informal displays. Membership continued to grow robustly.

The purpose of the IPBA is to provide information about all aspects of perfume and scent bottles and related items, including their uses, history and manufacture; to promote collecting of these items, and to promote fellowship among its members. The Association represents education, collecting and camaraderie.

Education is promoted through well-researched articles in the Perfume Bottle Quarterly (PBQ) magazine, through the extensive Lending Library, and by excellent programs presented during the annual convention. The magazine has evolved into a high quality 24 to 36 page magazine printed in full four-color format. IPBA members—both collectors and dealers—write articles for publication. Many experts within the Association share their knowledge through the PBQ.

The convention features a keynote speaker, presentations by perfume bottle experts, numerous roundtable sessions facilitated by collectors, an identification session, an all-perfume-bottle related auction and an exhibition featuring thousands of items to see and to buy.

The Annual Directory promotes camaraderie. Members’ names are listed along with their collecting specialties. If you are traveling or would like to meet members in your geographic area, or have an interest in forming a local chapter, this information is in the Directory. Becoming acquainted with other members who live close by or with other members who collect the same types of bottles, enhances the enjoyment of the hobby, facilitates the exchange of information and encourages friendships among IPBA members.

In 1995, the IPBA became an approved 501(c)(3) not-for-profit association. Membership has grown each year to its current number of approximately 1000 in over twenty countries. The U.K. has its own regional chapter along with six other regional chapters in the United States.

In summary, the IPBA is a service organization for collectors of perfume and scent bottles and related vanity items. Since its inception, it has developed into the largest international association for collectors of perfume bottles. It is a member-driven Association in which each member is extremely important to the organization. All new members—whether beginners or experienced collectors—are very welcome.