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Book Review

Lips of Luxury
By Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg

Reviewed by Lenore Worth Hiers

Lips of Luxury

Starting with its gorgeous gold-embossed jacket, this new book by IPBA Member Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg of Paris, France, is a feast for the eyes throughout.

Most perfume bottle collectors have never focused on the lush lipstick containers, even if they have collected powder compacts. However, after reading this book many will! There are so many wonderful color photographs of vintage and current lipsticks to die for.

Who knew that lipsticks came in such a great variety of figural, jeweled, and precious metal containers? Some of the shapes—dice, champagne bottles, candles, Venetian gondola poles, talismen, umbrellas, matches, pigs, mushrooms, Towers of Pisa, obelisks, blackamoors, and many more. One very special figural style was the Couturine Doll lipsticks sold by Revlon in the 1960s, each different and featuring Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor among many other Hollywood stars.

In addition, the reader can learn about the history of lipstick through the ages and the materials from which it has been made. The social histo"y on the evolution of the use of lipstick is also fascinating.

From the book jacket: “In Lips of Luxury, Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg looks at the symbolism of lips and their seduction; he has delved into the history of make up and frivolity, tells us about the creativity of companies who work exclusively with women's beauty in mind. Revlon, Chanel, Rochas, Charles of the Ritz, Guerlain, Christian Dior, etc. and he reveals all the secrets of subtle shades of red from vermillion to crimson. A book that is both serious and lighthearted about a subject as old as the world itself, illustrated by an astonishing and spectacular series of photos of an incredible collection of lipstick cases and lip make up accessories from the 19th century up to present day.""

Jean-Marie's presentation at the 2010 convention in Reston, Virginia, only whetted our appetite to see and learn more in this wonderful book. So, for those collectors who never thought about lipstick containers – here's a whole new area to pursue.

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