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Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Convention

How do I purchase the annual pins after convention?

You may purchase past years pins from the Treasurer. The cost is $10 per pin, including postage, for the current year and $5 per pin for previous years. This must be paid in US funds.

How many people attend the Annual Convention?

Attendance has grown rapidly over the past several years. From an initial attendance of less than 100 back in the late 1980's, the convention has grown to over 300 people.

When and where is the IPBA Annual Convention held?

The Convention is usually held in late April or May in various locations around the USA. Conventions have been held in Reston (near Washington, DC); Dallas; Chicago; San Francisco, Atlanta and Orlando. The 2007 convention was held in Atlanta, 2008 in St Louis, 2009 in Albuquerque, 2010 in Reston, 2011 in Chicago, and 2012 in Jacksonville. See Annual Convention»

When can I expect to receive registration materials?

Registration materials are sent to all IPBA members about three months prior to the Convention. Look for convention information on this web site, as well.