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"A Woman of Sentiment" - Interview with Australian IPBA member, Marie Cashman

Marie Cashman was interviewed for the collector's magazine "Dolls, Bears and Collectables" (Vol 20, no 2, pp 28-32). Her story begins with description of her interest in her mother's favorite perfume, Mischief by Saville of London - a scent that was hard to come by in the war years of the 40's. Read the full article...

Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine interviews Susan Via, Sue Blue and Nick Dawes

PHG article thumbA very descriptive and colorful "Perfume Bottles - History, Highlights and Helpful Hints" by Marie Matson with photography by David B. Moore and Ken Leach was featured in the February 2013 issue of Phoenix Home and Garden. President Susan Arthur was contacted by the PHG staff as they were looking to locate an International Perfume Bottle member in Phoenix to interview on collecting glass. Susan sent them a press kit, complete with the history of the organization, how to join and some basic information on collecting. As we have many members in the state of Arizona, alas none in Phoenix, Susan remembered that Susan Via lives in Tucson, an uber Czech collector, and asked her permission to have PHG contact her. Susan Via graciously answered the multitudes of questions posed to her about collecting. Ms. Arthur offered photos from the upcoming auction to PHG and Ken fowarded fabulous photos from his recent catalog shoot. The PHG staff also interviewed Sue Blue, a diehard DeVilbiss collector and Nick Dawes, a Lalique expert well known to IPBA members as our celebrity auctioneer for Ken Leach's Perfume Bottle Auctions. Read all about their comments on collecting complete with some great tips.


Ukranian magazine Antiques interviews President Susan Arthur - February 2012

Ukranian Antiques MagazineA posh, glossy Antiques magazine contacted President Susan Arthur for an interview on collecting perfume bottles. Written in Russian, it is the format of questions and answers. Susan contacted a fellow scientist colleague who is from Romania originally and she translated it for her. Topics included the history of our organization, the benefits of membership, key activities including convention and regional chapter meetings, and the Perfume Bottle Quarterly as a conduit of information, research and fellowship. Her personal collecting interests were queried. Susan collects Vaseline glass, and that did not quit translate correctly - at least when that paragraph was translated back, it sounded as if they thought she collected drugstore bottles of the commercial pretroleum jelly product AKA Vaseline! Check out the link to see the article and if you can read Russian - the Cyrillic script is most interesting. Read the full article...


Perfume Library Available on CD

The fabulous perfume library of IPBA Archivist, Helen Farnsworth, is now available for purchase on CD. This archival material has been compiled by Helen over a period of 30 years and includes perfume catalogs, advertising, and a database of over 26,000 perfume entries on 597 pages. The database with worldwide coverage contains company names, presentation names, perfume names, trade names, line names, distributors, perfumers, locations and dates. The library is contained in a two-disk set at the cost of $25. This cost includes priority shipping.

For further information contact Helen Farnsworth.