Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Winter 2016

Winter 2016

On the Cover:

German porcelain perfume lamp. Boy in top hat & suit carrying a flower bouquet & riding a pig with a 4-leaf clover in its mouth. Viel Gluck translates to Good Luck. Measures 7 ¼” long x 9” high. Bottle owned by Jeffrey Sanfilippo. Photography by Rusty Hernandez.

Table of Contents

2 President’s Note By Jeffrey Sanfilippo

4 The Novelty of It All: Perfume Bottles as Christmas Ornaments By Susan Arthur, Michael Rhoads and Helen Farnsworth

9 Roja Dove Photography by Janet Ziffer

10 The Foundation Baccarat Museum By Susan Arthur

12 285 Years of Tradition: Floris By Anne B. Conrad

13 Scents A Flame By Janice Boyd

14 Paglieri By Afonso Oliveira. Translations by Renato Verga

19 A Treasure Lost— Mary Lesko, Barbara Jean Ansley By Bonnie Salzman and Teri Wirth

20 Lady A Antiques — Andra Behrendt By Anne B. Conrad

23 Our 28th Annual Convention Keynote Speaker — Dr. Tom Reichert By Deborah Washington

24 Introducing Aurora By Verna Kocken

27 Back Again By Anne B. Conrad

27 Raffle Donations By Teri Wirth

27 IPBA Website Log In

28 The Tena Twist By Helen Farnsworth

30 The Fairest of Then All… By Carole and Jim Fuller