Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Spring 2016

Spring 2016

On the Cover:

Fernando Bosch, Illustrator, is credited with this beautiful Elizabeth Arden advertisement.

Table of Contents

2 Presidents Note by Jeffrey Sanfilippo

4 Annual IPBA Auction by Ken Leach

6 Discovering the Secret of Portuguese Perfumes by Afonso Oliveira

7 Compacts by Joanne & Howard W. Melton

8 Optional Tours by Deborah Washington

10 Duvelle, a Portland, Oregon Perfumer by Verna Kocken

with Photos by Earline Kopriva and Helen and Craig Farnsworth

15 Perfume Bottles with Connections to the World of Art – Salvador Dali

by Joanne Begert

19 Raffles by Teri Wirth

19 IPBA Website Member Log In

20 The Ponies of Blue Grass by Terri Chappell-Boyd

25 Heartland Facets Members by Judy Myers

25 Western States Get-Together by Steven Shulman

25 Annual Meeting Notice

25 Back Again by Anne B. Conrad

25 Mrs French’s Scent Bottle Collection

by Anne Conrad with Photography by Janet Ziffer

30 Double Bubbles by Helen Farnsworth with Photos by Craig Farnsworth

32 Ondine by Melinda Churchfield

34 Perfume Bottles and Pink Birds by Teri Worth

35 Flamingos on the Gulf by Barbara Miller

36 Powder Puff by Roselyn Gerson

38 Treasure Lost – Rosie Bodien by Verna Kocken

39 Treasure Lost – Lolita Sickler by Janet Ziffer