Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Summer 2016

Summer 2016

On the Cover:

Two tied first-place winners of the Inaugural IPBA Perfume Bottle Design Contest. "And the Winners Are..... Manuel Navales and Gregoris Komodromos. Cover photo by Armando Grano. Cover design by Haapanen Brothers Printing.

Table of Contents

2 Presidents Note by Jeffrey Sanfilippo

4 Exhibition Hall Dealers 2016 by Annie Huang Luck

5 A Convention to Remember by Barbara W. Miller

6 History of Erotic Fragrance Advertising by Tom Reichert

9 Western Chapter Meeting by Steven Shulman

10 2016 Honoree – Barbara W. Miller Presented by Jeffrey Sanfilippo

11 2016 Shining Stars John Redgrove Presented by Madeleine Winkelmann

     Peter Beesmyer & Danny Munoz Presented by Deborah Washington

12 2016 Auction Highlights by Ken Leach

13 Is it a painting or is it a purse? by Elaine Osowiecky

14 Highlights from the 2016 IPBA Convention

15 Mini Round Table by Elsabeth Crohn

15 Member Log-In

16 IPBA’s First Perfume Bottle Design Contest by Teri Wirth

19 Roundtables Early 20th Century American Commercials by Joanne Bergert

     Lalique Round Table by Roslyn Shulman

20 Portland City Tour & Antique Shopping by Cathy Dunn

22 Girl Scouts in Portland by Teri Wirth

24 Avon Calling by Rusty Hernandez

26 Treasures Found by Janet Ziffer & Photography by Cathy Dunn

28 Lanvin Perfumes by Tony Poujol

33 2016 IPBA Convention Raffle by Cathy Dunn

34 Poof!...Like a Dandelion by Ellen Eber

36 A Non-Smoking World! by Marc Meritet

38 Powder Puff by Roselyn Gerson