Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Spring 2017

Spring 2017

On the Cover:

ABOUT THE COVER: A jewel-capped crystal scent bottle wrapped in gold leaves and silver cherubs signed by Froment-Meurice, jeweler to Napoleon III. Will appear in the May 2017 IPBA Auction directed by Ken Leach.

Table of Contents


 2 Presidents Note By Jeffrey Sanfilippo

4 Rare Charles X Perfume Carousel to Lead Perfume Bottles Auction May 5th By Ken Leach

6 Convention 2017 Spotlight on Specialty Groups & Roundtables By Deborah Washington

8 Elizabeth Arden Makes An Egg-cellent Easter! Text & Photos by Terri Chappell-Boyd

11 IPBA Member Get A Member Program By Lillie Gold, Membership Secretary

12 An Ancient European Collection Exhibited in Georgia with Antique Lubin Bottles By Lewis Hales, M.A, M.A

14 Friends, Flamingos, Flacons, Fun By Barbara W. Miller and Terri Wirth

16 Miss Dior – Decoding a Bottle of Love By Miguel Matos

19 Back Again By Anne B. Conrad

19 Merci Beaucoup By Annie Huang Luck

20 Little Thing Cost a Lot Text by Lois Hough and Photos by Anne B Conrad

23 Treasure Lost – Dick Miller By Helen Farnworth

24 Christina’s Perfume Boutique Text and Photographs by Alison Heys

26 Powder Puff By Roselyn Gerson

28 From the Miniscule to the Magnificent By Pamela Forest Taylor 

30 Digital Media Survey and the Survey Said By Susan Arthur, Immediate Past President

30 IPBA Web Site Log In 

30 Notice of Annual Meeting