Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Summer 2017

Summer 2017

On the Cover:

The astonishing 14-inch Sirens Avec Bouchon Figurine, c. 1920 by Rene Lalique for Maison Lalique. Sudhir Gupta collection, photo by Cathy Dunn.

Table of Contents

21 First Time Attendees! page 5

A Salute to the Lady! The 2017 IPBA Convention Pin, by Susan Arthur, page 5

IPBA Takes Manhattan, May 2017, by Cathy Dunn, page 6 and 7

A Sojourn to Symrise, by Susan Arthur page 7

A Woman's Best Her Purse! page 8

Rage Arts & Auction House, by Cathy Dunn, page 8

Bond No. 9 New York, page 9

Creating Fine Fragrances by Susan Arthur, page 9

The Legacy of Lampe Berger, page 10

Meet Me in Perfume Aley, page 11

Sold! HIghlights from Auction 2017 by Ken Leach, page 12, 13

Awards & Accolades - Honors to Susan Arthur, Shining Stars to Janet Ziffer, Rusty Hernandez, Craig Farnsworth by Jeffrey Sanfilippo, page 14

2017 Perfume Bottle Design Contest, page 15

Making Scents page 16, 17

Congratulations, Raffle Winners, page 18

Buy! Sell! Trade! the makings of the Market, page 19

Treasures Found and Shared! page 20, 21

A Salute to the Showroom Vendors, page 22

In Her Majesty's Name by Jill Berg and Janet Ziffer, page 23

Elegant Depression Glass by Bonnie Salzman, page 24, 25

Powder Puff by Roselyn Gerson, page 26, 27

Fragrant Foo by Janice Boyd. page 28

Marketplace page 29

CODA, page 30