Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Fall 2017

Fall 2017

On the Cover:

A stunning Czech bottle in rose pink glass in the signature Franz Josef Vater shape with elaborately enameled-and-jeweled metal base by Neiger Brothers. Bottle photo provided by Marsha Crafts; background art by some ancient Egyptian with extra time on his hands (and maybe with some assistance by PBQ staff).

Table of Contents

this way in......

5 A most congenial introduction to Vanity Half Dolls

8 Words from your friendly editor and snapsot of the IPBA treasury

9 Nice-Flore - and one woman's quest to uncover the mystery and treasures of this remarkable French manufacturer

12 Fashion Scents: the one-of-a-kind style of designer Louiseboulanger

16 An IPBA UPDATE! Making Scents exhibit surpasses goals and may come to a city near you!

18 Franz Josef Vater: the signature style of this unique brand of Czech perfume bottles

22 Young Collectors (& their Mentors): Adventures in collecting with Margaret and Janey

24 Scents A Flame: An American Beauty by Steuben Glass Works

25 Pretty & Practical: on the go with Czech handbags and purse bottles

26 Powder Puff compacts - the sparkle of Swarovsky and the incomparable design of Line Vautrin

28, 29, 31 The Marketplace

30 Coda - Autumn's Charm