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Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Winter 2018

Winter 2018

On the Cover:

American file actress Grace Bradley (1913-2010) at her dressing table with a variety of delightful vanity items. What do you recognize? What's in your vanity collection?

Table of Contents

4 A cosmetic composition - welcome to a World of Vanity

5 Powder Puffs, Wands, and Boxes - the foundation of the cosmetics industry

8 Journey withus to Barcelona's Museum of Perfume - an amazing collection and the dream of Ramon Plana Buera

10 Have you met Laura Jean Allen? Her compact designs of the late 1940s and 1950s turned the heads of every girl with romantic notions...

12... and for every woman, there was the allure of Elizabeth Arden's "Harlequin" line of portable powders

13 What a woman (or man) was ever without a hankerchief? But, for the ladies, a few accessories had sum reponsibility to comfort, console - and communicate!

16 A node to the history of the Vanity Table. And a fond farewell to IPBA friend Jean Read

17 Half Dolls 102: the ABCs of Collecting

20 Sometimes a JAR is the most desired perfume bottle of all

22 The Mastery - and mystery - of Maurice Model

24 Young Collectors: catching up with Janey and Margaret

26 Powder Puff - the creative cosmetic innovations of Alfred Dunhill and Jacqueline Cochran

28 2018 Perfume Bottle Design Contest Official Rules

29 The Marketplace

30 Coda