Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Summer 2018

Summer 2018

On the Cover:

Convention 2018 display case collection of IPBA member Denise Bessler

Table of Contents

4 Summarizing Convention #30

5 Sightseeing and cruising about in Virginia

6 Convention 2018 Vanity Show Vendors

7 A salute to the winners of IPBA's 2018 Perfume Bottle Design Contest

8 Collecting Novelty Perfumes

10 Your kids say SnapChat; we say snap shot: your friends at Convention #30

11 Wise words from Richard Bell about caring for & cleaning your collection

12 Notes from the Board: Highlights from the 2018 Annual Report

13 Baccarat, France to Barrington, Illinois: Two new galleries dedicated

14 Gavel Fever! The sweet 16 featured items for auction

16 The scents and sensibility in the world of Guerlain with Convention keynote speaker, Linda Primeau

18 Seeing Stars: IPBA's awards and accolades

20 2018 Raffle Winners & Special Thanks

22 Treasures Found & Shared

24 Young Collectors: Janey's first post-Convention diary entry

26 Powder Puff: diagnosis Deltiology, and special tribute to "Mr Compact Lady," Alvin Gerson

28 The Marketplace

30 Coda