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Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Autumn 2018

Fall 2018

On the Cover:

Czechoslovakian commercial bottle produced for an unknown perfumer - does anyone know the fragrance?

Table of Contents

1 Italian Beauties- the luxurious artistry of Italian made compacts

6 Mary Desti: who was she really... and how do we know what's the truth?!

10 Who and what was HETRA? A family of whimsy and wonder....

14 Member Notice: How you can help the IPBA through its world renowned auction

15 Half Dolls 104: Holding Hands - the fascinating world of half dolls includes an entired ensemble of maidens holding everything from penguins to puppets!

18 The Anatomy of a Perfume Bottle: Rock Crystal Redefined

20 Scents a Flame: a closer look at Lampe Berger and Baccarat

21 History Snanpshot: an oh-too-brief synopsis of how the glass perfume bottle came to be

22 Exhibit launch! Making Scents: the Art and Passion of Fragrance makes its debut!

23 Young Collectors Sponsor Renewal Form - help a young collector you know get started!

24 Young Collectors: Janey and Margaret explore the (almost) forgotten world of handmade needlework

26 Powder Puff: Compact cleaning tips and "Name that Style" - a look at the variety of collectible compacts

29 The Marketplace

30 Coda

31 Collector's Favorites! What favorites are in your collection?