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Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Autumn 2019

Fall 2019

On the Cover:

Perfume bottles inspired by Chinese snuff bottles

Table of Contents

  • 4 Perfume Bottle Designs Inspired by Chinese Snuff Bottles
  • 8 How Genetic Memory ties ancient symbols to exquisite French perfume bottle designs
  • 12 The Beginning of Two Ends: insight on Victorian Double-Ended scent bottles
  • 15-18 INSERT: CONVENTION 32: WE ARE TEXAS-BOUND! Register today! MEMBERSHIP: help build your IPBA. It's easy and rewarding! 
  • 19 Colors and lines: the rise of Studio Glassmaking
  • 20 A Czechoslovakian Versatile Beauty: the many variations of Schmidt Model 4242
  • 24 AWARDS, ACCOLADES & APPLAUSE! Count 'em ... FIVE FoHBC awards!
  • 25 Immortalizing your bottles & vanity items: a few photo tips & tricks
  • 26 Powder Puff: the little (and profitable) world of accessory items made expressly for children from the 1920s to the 1950s
  • 28 Scents A Flame: 
  • 29 The Marketplace: your next treasure may be waiting for you right here!
  • 30 CODA: becoming a Dandy . . . because every man should be one
  • INSIDE BACK COVER: Perfume Passage update: Well, hello, Miss Bette Davis!