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Perfume Bottle Quarterly Archive: Spring

Spring 2020

On the Cover:

The 1939 Pinaud Gone With the Wind inspired figural bottles Flirt and Bittersweet, boxed with autographed images of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara — AVAILABLE during the 2020 Perfume Bottles & Vanity Items Auction to be held in NYC!

Table of Contents

4    IPBA's Facebook Interactive page: Meet Laurel Boech, our 1,000th member!  Have you joined the conversation? Use the online address at the bottom of this page
5    CONVENTION 2021:  GURNEY'S NEWPORT!  A sumptuous seaside resort located in Newport, Rhode Island, home to many of the notable "cottage" homes of the Gilded Age.  PLAN NOW! You will not want to miss this gathering . . .

6    AUCTION 2020 — Live from NYC! Here's a sneak peek for you. Watch for Auction information to come . . .     

8    Do you have ESP? (Extra Searching Powers) ...or a charming little bottle from a manufacturer in India    

10    Poland's glamour era between the Wars and the marketing prowess of Henryk Zak

16    Introducing Hope Night Parfum, a custom bottle design by Marc Rosen created especially for the Hope collection of scents

17    Carrying the Czech tradition:  Jan Pesničák and other glass cutters in the Czech Republic are creating new bottles in hopes to revive the region's fame for its crystal

20    Throw Away Scent Bottles:  a closer look at these thin, delicate works of decorated glass

22     Powder Puff: A Sign of the Times — an abbreviated look at how vanity items reflect the moods of the moment

25    The Marketplace:  your next treasure may be waiting for you right here!

26    CODA  

INSIDE BACK COVER:  Perfume Passage:  A salute to the Wild West, wagon trains, and bronco bustin'