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Au Coeur Des Calices, Coty

Type:Perfume bottle

Material(s):Corn flower blue glass

Designer/Maker:Rene Lalique

Markings:The perfume name and Coty are molded along the edge (as shown). A molded "LALIQUE" in a smaller font is seen on the opposite side of bottle


Date or Era:Introduced 1912

Dimensions:6 cm.

Additional Information:
Early very innovative design with the relief molding on the interior of the bottle (smooth outer surface). This required that the neck, the upper bottle and the base all be molded separately and fused when the glass was reheated. When looking down on this bottle one sees the bee searching for pollen in the calyx of a flower. The interior moldings reflect the light in a manner such as one might see morning dew on the flower. This wonderful perfume was introduced for Christmas 1912. Ref: The Art of Rene Lalique, Christie Mayer Lefkowith, 2010. The title translates "At the heart of the calyx."