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Ambre D'Orsay

Type:Perfume bottles

Material(s):Clear glass bottle with brown patina; black glass bottle with white patina

Designer/Maker:Rene Lalique

Markings:Molded "LALIQUE" & "AMBRE D'ORSAY"

Box Description:Interior of box with D'Orsay identification


Date or Era:ca. 1911-1914

Dimensions:13 cm.

Additional Information:
This was Lalique's first botle for D'Orsay and was a variant of a bottle (quatre aigles) that he had designed and produced for Maison Lalique a couple years earlier. In this version the carytidlike figures on each corner are draped females in the style of medieval princesses. The stopper is floral. Both flacons were made with clear and black glass. The use of black glass was unusual (black was a symbol of mourning). However, in 1910 the couturier Poiret had introduced a black evening dress which proved wildly popular. Lalique, sensing the changing taste and the movement to modernism, produced this black glass perfume which also proved very popular. As a result the black versions are readily available today while the clear version is very rare and carries a much higher value.