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Bouchon fleurs de Pommier (Apple Blossom Stopper)

Type:Perfume bottle


Designer/Maker:Rene Lalique for Rene Lalique et Cie

Markings:Etched in block letters "R LALIQUE"


Date or Era:Introduced 1919

Dimensions:14 cm.

Additional Information:
This tiara sopper represents a bouquet of flowers and was very difficult to produce because of its complex openwork surface. It was also made with rose and blue patina in the stopper. Another perfume, Meplat Deux Figurines (see photo in this group) also had this openwork surface in its stopper. Interestingly these were the two most expensive perfumes in the 1932 catalog. Deux Figurines sold for 450 francs and this Pommier was the most expensive at 500 francs. Most of the other perfumes were less than 100 francs. Ref: Lalique Perfume Bottles, Mary Lou and Glenn Utt with Patricia Bayer, 1990.