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L'Effeurt, Coty

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L'Effeurt, Coty

Perfume bottle
Glass with brown patina
Rene Lalique
Molded "L'EFFLEURT DE COTY" below design and molded "LALIQUE" in lower right (see photo)
Date or Era: 
Perfume registered in 1908; this flacon in 1912
11 cm.
Special Features: 
L'Effleurt is a made-up word that brings to mind "effleurer" (to touch lightly), "effluv" (to touch lightly) or "les fleurs" (the flowers)
Additional Information: 
Lalique's first work in glass for Coty was the design of this image (1908) on the face of this bottle without the markings below. These glass labels were affixed to a traditional Baccarat bottle when the glass was at the proper temperature. When Lalique acquired his own glassworks he designed a new flacon for this perfume, seen here. He and Coty must have thought that this was a masterpiece because from this point forward Coty used the phrase "L'Effleurt de Coty," not simply "L'Effleurt Coty" which was the usual practice. Lalique's name in the lower right is akin to a painter signing his painting. This design was reproduced as brass and paper labels with other flacons. The stopper is of two opposing cicadas. The entirety of this flacon is art nouveau in style. Ref: The Art of Rene Lalique, Christie Mayer Lefkowith, 2010.