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Je Reviens, Worth

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Je Reviens, Worth

Perfume bottle
Dark blue glass with turquoise stopper
Rene Lalique
Molded "R.LALIQUE" on bottom
Date or Era: 
Introduced 1930-31
14 cm.
Special Features: 
Name translates "I Will Return"
Additional Information: 
Je Reviens was the heart of a love story told by Worth through their perfumes. Each perfume was a part of the story. In English the names would say "In the night, just before dawn, because I can't bear to say goodbye, I'm coming back to you." Dans la Nuit (1924)...Vers le Jour (1925)...Sans Adieu (1929)...Je Reviens (1931)...Vers Toi (1934). This bottle is very architectural and evokes the theme of a skyscraper, a common motif in the 1930's. In an example of great marketing genius the name "I Will Return" was advertised as World War II began and every soldier going to war bought this perfume for his mother, wife or lover. It became the farewell kiss which hundreds of thousands of American women never forgot. By 1947 it was a worldwide best seller. The scent was built around the narcissus. The stopper was redesigned after WW II by Marc Lalique to a fluted column similar to the bottle itself reportedly because of difficulty in removing the button-like original stopper. It was produced in a number of different sizes. Ref: Perfume Legends, Michael Edwards, 1996.