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Perfume bottle
Glass with black patina
Rene Lalique
Date or Era: 
Introduced 1924; reintroduced 1936
4.5 cm.
Additional Information: 
This flacon was originally introduced in 1924 for the perfume Galejade (Tall Tale). A gilded Y-shaped paper label with 3 slim arms had to be carefully positioned by hand on the top of the flacon and extending downward between 2 of the flowers. Very few of these still exist and it is not known how long this perfume was sold. It was reintroduced in 1936 along with a larger flacon with the same design. The mold numbers from 1936 indicate new molds but some of the smaller versions still had the Galejade label. Various fragrances were then sold in this flacon, including "Trois Valses" (Three Waltzes), "Les Yeux Noir" (Dark Eyes), and "Equivoque" (Ambiguous). This flacon is a sphere with four deeply concave flowers that appear to be poppies. The calyx of each flower consists of numerous small pearls inside a circle and is at the deepest point of the relief. The spaces between petals are indicated by hollow molded radiating lines while the texture of the petals is rendered with finer and shorter lines. The rim of the stopper is also adorned with two staggered rows of small pearls. Ref: The Art of Rene Lalique, Christie Mayer Lefkowith, 2010.