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Lavande, Alpy

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Lavande, Alpy

Perfume bottle
Glass with gray/blue patina
Rene Lalique
Date or Era: 
18.5 cm.
Special Features: 
Name translates to lavender
Additional Information: 
The most beautiful lavender fields are found at the foot of the lower Alps. However, no information has been found concerning "Lavende Alpy." It was probably an artisinal product of this region. The flacons are in the register of models dated October 10, 1929, and were realized in 5 sizes, though only 4 are known today. The front of the flacon is decorated with 11 hollow molded sprigs of lavender with the flowery ends showing. A rectangular cartouche is placed on the lower portion and in the example is molded "LAVANDE ALPY APT-VAUCLUSE." One source indicated that this molded cartouche was present only on the largest flacon (22.5 cm.) but clearly here it is on the next size down. The smaller sizes have a blank cartouche, presumably for a paper label. The model is so rare that it is doubtful whether it was ever marketed. The theory is that these were produced in Nov. 1929, one month after the New York stock market crash and the consequences of this event were felt in France until recovery after WW II. Ref: The Art of Rene Lalique, Christie Mayer Lefkowith, 2010.