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Bakelite, Composition, Metal and Porcelain

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Bakelite, Composition, Metal and Porcelain

figurals & novelties
American, English, French and German Commercial makers
Additional Information: 
TOP, L to R: Lilly Dache, "Dashing" (French, c1941), 3 1/4" H, composition shell. Lilly Dache, "Drifting" (French, c1941), 3 1/4" H, painted composition shell. AA Vantine's & Co., "Java Lily" (American importer, c1920s), bottle 2 3/4" H, overall 4" H, lacquered chalk holder. Lucien Lelong, "Indiscret" (French, c1935), 2 3/4" H, Bakelite shell. BOTTOM, L to R: Babs Creation, Inc., "Yesteryear Perfume" (American, c1940-1945), bottle 4 3/8" H, overall 5 3/8" H, composition base. Wm. H. Brown & Brother Co., "Violet Simplicity" (American, c1914), bottle, 4"H, overall 4 1/4" H, German porcelain holder. Unknown maker, unknown scent, (German, pre-1939), bottle 2 1/2" H, overall 4 1/4" H, porcelain head stopper, metal basket. The English Perfumery Company, "White Rose" (English, c1920s), 2 1/8" H, German porcelain head stopper.