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Chaine D'Or, Grenoville

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Chaine D'Or, Grenoville

Perfume bottle, powder and rouge
Glass, paper and plastic
Bottle bottom acid etched "Made in France," rouge "Grenoville, Made in France"
Paris, France
Gold foil label: "Chaine D'Or, Grenoville, Paris," powder has paper label detailing product and company info, rouge has small paper label "Transparent"
Box Description: 
Box cover is identical on both sides and has shagreen patterned paper, silver foil, an art deco flower panel, and a matching silk tassel. It is marked "Grenoville, Paris" on both sides. Powder's cardboard box sealed with a beige and brown tape strip with matching flowers.
Date or Era: 
c. 1920's
Bottle 2.5 in. height; box 3 in, powder 2.75 in diameter, rouge 2 in diameter
Additional Information: 
Three commercial items in the "Chaine d'Or" line by Grenoville. The perfume bottle is clear glass tri-paneled with a frosted 4-lobed stopper. Grenoville used this same shape in colored glass for other scents. There is some indication that the glass is Baccarat. The bottle sits ins a silver base and the overcap is a shagreen patterned paper with a colorful flower strip on both sides. A matching silk tassel is attached to the top. The powder box has the same colorful patterned paper and is marked on the side "Grenoville, Paris, Made in France." The powder came in a very plain cardboard box, sealed with paper tape that has the same flower design but in beige and brown. The rouge has a frosted celluloid bottom with a cream top with same flower design without the color. A "G" is in the center of the cap.