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Shari, Langlois set

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Shari, Langlois set

Vanity set
Glass and goldtone metal
United Drug Company for Langlois line
New York and Boston
Bottles have silk labels matching the Asian motif
Box Description: 
Gift box in octagonal shape with an Asian-inspired motif of flowers, birds and butterflies on the sides and interior lid. The exterior lid is embroidered silk with a flower pattern and features a 5 inch cream-colored silk tassel. The interior is lined with pale green silk. "Shari, Langlois, New York" appears on the interior of the lid.
Date or Era: 
c. 1925-1930
Box: 9.75 x 10.1 in; Bottles: 6 in, 5.1 in. and 3.5 in.; Powder box 3.6 in. diameter; Rouge 1.4 in. diameter.
Additional Information: 
This 5-piece gift set for the perfume "Shari" was produced by the United Drug Company, operating under the name of Langlois. The set includes a glass talc bottle, two glass perfume bottles, a silk covered powder box, and a goldtone rouge compact with original puff and framed mirror. A similar bath set was also sold. The Langlois name also produced the Jonteel, Duska, Cara Nome, and Alma Zada lines, among others.