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Libbey Amberina Cologne

Type:Cologne bottle

Material(s):Mold-blown glass

Designer/Maker:Libbey Glass Company

Markings:Acid-etched trademark with the word "Amberina" and the circled Libbey name below.

Origin:Toledo, Ohio

Date or Era:1917

Dimensions:8-1/2 inches high

Additional Information:
Amberina is a free-blown or mold-blown, heat-reactive clear yellow glass that shades to red or fuchsia at the top; the red color is obtained by refiring that portion of the glass. Joseph Locke secured the patent rights to Amberina for the New England Glass Company. The Libbey Glass Company (successor to NEGC) attempted to revive Amberina in 1917 and issued a catalog that showed four perfume bottles, including this one, as part of its production. This was produced for only a year or two. See IPBA Perfume Bottle Quarterly, Vol. XVI, No. 1, Fall 2003, pages 15-16. For more on "American Scent Bottles," view the presentation on this website under the Resources tab.