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Jaipur Boucheron Bracelet-Cuff Bottle

Material(s):glass, metal, synthetic sapphire

Date or Era:c 1994

Dimensions:3 3/4" H

Special Features: “To be worn like a caress on the wrist, a jewel close to the skin, it’s name conjures up dreams.” Boucheron website

Additional Information:
Goldtone and silvertone metal, frosted rock crystal, mounted indigo bleu de France, cabochon "sapphire". A gold band under cabochon inscribed "Jaipur Boucheron" - fragrance inside. Leatherette box. Collector says "What I love about Boucheron, aside from the exquisite, beautifully designed jewelry, is it’s ingenuity in creating the perfume vessels in the essence of it’s business, jewelry." Reference "Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry" by Annette Green and Linda Dyett, published by Flammarion, 1998.