IPBA 2020 IPBA Donors

Our hats are off for our many donors.  The following members have donated to the IPBA during the July 2019 to June 2020 fiscal year:


Joanne Begert Joyce Geeser Donna Seay
Linda Collins Melanie Harris Pamela Spearman
Rona Drewell Suzanne Heiligman Peggy Tichenor
Heather Diehl Phyllis Parry Eleanor Tippens
Andrea DuPont Shirley Rake Paula Walker
Caroline Filloux-Danielian Cathy Rodgers Dolores Weems


Carol & Carl Bellone Katie Getman Lorain LoSquardro-Wyse
Sally Berger Betty & Ben Hampton Peggy Meyer
Jean Case Joan Hermanowski Joanne Walker Moses & Wallace Moses
Terri Chappell-Boyd Kim Hermanowski Madelyn Murphy
Sally & Ed Chope Verna Kocken Joy Smith
Phyllis Dohanian Sharon & Wheat Laster Jan Timm
Cathy Dunn Janet & Roger Tutton
Joanna & William Emmett Mark Wagner


Colleen Barrick Joan Hermanowski Eleanor Seewald
Andra Behrendt Rusty Hernandez Roseann Smith
Carol  & Carl Bellone Linda Horr Joy Smith
Sally Berger Elaine Hyde George Sorensen
Marsha Crafts Verna Kocken Sandy Swirsky
Frank & Elizabeth Creech Rae Love Cher Terry
Phyllis Dohanian Carol Margolis Joan Turco
Joanne & Bill Emmet Virginia Merrill Janet & Roger Tutton
Cynthia Faraglia Susie Proctor William & Deanna Van Keuren
Lillie Gold William & Lynda Randolph Michael Vogelsang
Shirley Grodnitzky Mary Robertson Paula Walker
Mary Grooms Bonnie Salzman Victor Weinstein
Shirley Hannick Carol “Tracy” Schalk Deborah Weiss-DeBrown
Charles & Maria Hermanoski


NOTE:  The IPBA is a 503(c) charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible.

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