IPBA Awards Presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting

The IPBA has a tradition of honoring our hard-working volunteers. The following awards were made at the Annual Meeting during our 2023 Annual Convention:

This year was our 35th (emerald anniversary) convention. We honored our 3 remaining founding members who have imparted much wisdom and volunteer energy over these years with an Avon “Wise Owl” solid perfume with emerald green eyes: Joyce Geeser, Helen Farnsworth, and Madeleine France.

2023 Shining Star: Joan Turco

The individual I would like to recognize has been a staunch lover of perfume bottles ever since I met her in the late 1990’s. She joined the IPBA on January 3, 1995, and since then has brought other members aboard with Member Get a Member. Over the years, she has always been quick to share little tidbits on perfume bottles with members and has volunteered for many question and answer workshops on perfume bottles, especially commercials. When I looked through some old Lone Star Newsletters that we used to produce in the early 2000’s, this individual was front and center with her bottles and a big smile on her face. Even now, 25 years later, she still writes articles for the PBQ. And mentoring other members has always been an important role in her love of the club!

She shared her love of Schiaparelli Advertisements at the Virtual Convention and one of my favorite articles in the PBQ was her “Nostalgic Sing-Along with Bottle Themes”, which she wrote in the fall of 2020. Never shy in sharing what she knows and loves about perfume bottles, it is my pleasure to congratulate Joan Turco for a Shining Star this year!

2023 Shining Star: Pauline Turco

Shining stars have been known to be passionate, and no one has been more passionate about porcelain related half dolls, Crown Tops and perfume bottles than the next person we are recognizing. She joined the club in January of 1995, and this may be the first convention she has ever missed.

A teacher by background, this individual has really enjoyed getting into the nuances of collecting initially with mini perfume bottles and later Porcelain/Crown Top Bottles. In fact, she was able to re-produce and manufactured two sizes for the cork replacement tops often lost when Porcelain Crown Tops are over 100 years old. Plus, her passion drove her to create a beautiful and technically accurate book on Crown-Tops that was published in 2013. If you want to know anything about these little porcelain beauties, this is the book to reference!

But her interest in all perfume related porcelain items is not just relegated to herself. Besides also being available at convention for her expertise on Crown Tops, she has also written four articles on Vanity Half Dolls for the PBQ, starting in the Fall of 2017 with the final article published in the Fall of 2018. It is my pleasure to congratulate Pauline Turco on a Shining Star this year!

2023 Honors of the Association: Verna Kocken

This person joined the IPBA on July 17, 2001, and has been on the IPBA Board for 3 full terms which included 4 years as Publications Chair, and two years as Vice President.

They authored more than 16 articles and book reviews for the PBQ. And this individual was given a shining star award at the Pittsburgh convention in 2014. Sharing their expertise in Czech perfume bottles and related items, this individual wrote the wonderful reference book “Perfume ottles for Purse and Dresser from Czechoslovakia 1920’s – 1930’s”.

You probably know by now; I am speaking about Verna Kocken. Over the years, Verna has gracefully presented four well-attended round tables at Convention and has recently kept her devotion-in-motion by becoming the co-chair of the Cascadia Pacific Northwest chapter.

She also wrote articles for our Young Collectors in the PBQ. She combined these articles into a book: “Two Improbable Friends”, Written by Verna and illustrated by her niece Audrey Poulsen. I had the good fortune of working with Verna on the IPBA board when she was Publications Chair. Always calm and creative and a voice of reason, she added enormous value to our board. She has provided our organization with a legacy of amazing PBQ’s during her tenure.

The IPBA is lucky to have a member and volunteer like Verna Kocken. Verna is an unassuming and powerful force within our association. On behalf of your board of directors, it is my pleasure to award the Honors of the Association, the highest award given by our association, to Verna Kocken.

Outgoing President of the Board: Terri Chappell-Boyd

Terri has been President of the IPBA Board for the last four years, and her tireless energy has steered the organization through the pandemic, and brought along many improvements to the organization, including our updated website. She was presented with a pin representing her favorite Elizabeth Arden compact.

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