IPBA Youthful Fantasies Brought to Life

It’s no secret that vendors of perfume and vanity items play upon our fantasies.  This is an occasional series of articles on various youthful fantasies that are explored through perfume bottles and vanity items.

If your collection includes an item that applies to these themes, please submit them to our Virtual Museum, and we will add them to these pages.  See Submission Guidelines.

Can Bugs be Beautiful?

Were you ever fascinated by bugs as a child? Have you ever stared in wonder at the beautiful patterns on a butterfly’s wings, or the iridescence of the wings of a dragonfly or cicada? Well, a surprising number […]

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The Deep Blue Sea

Many the youth has dreamed of being a marine biologist, catching “the big one”, exploring coral reefs, being a sea captain, or hearing the siren song of a mermaid.  The following examples from our Virtual Museum explore how […]

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The Sky is the Limit!

Many a youth has dreamed of studying the stars or exploring space. The following examples from our Virtual Museum explore how perfumes and vanity items play upon these fantasies.

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