IPBA Youthful Fantasies Brought to Life

It’s no secret that vendors of perfume and vanity items play upon our fantasies.  This is an occasional series of articles on various youthful fantasies that are explored through perfume bottles and vanity items.

If your collection includes an item that applies to these themes, please submit them to our Virtual Museum, and we will add them to these pages.  See Submission Guidelines.

View our Horse Show

Come be a spectator in the IPBA Horse Show!  Horses are used as a motif in perfume and vanity items and their advertising.  Can you guess the message being conveyed by each horse?  By each rider?  Is it […]

Come enjoy the ride ...

Dreaming of Visiting Holland?

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Holland? Seeing the picturesque seaside town, windmills, fields of flowering tulips, and wondering how anyone ever wore those wooden shoes? Take a tour through Holland with us to see those windmills, sailing […]

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The IPBA Dog Show

All dog owners are proud of their dogs, but have you ever considered entering your fur-baby in a dog show? What a fantasy – to walk your dog into the arena, all brushed and fluffed and looking fine, […]

What's your favorite breed?

Dreaming of Being a Classic Car Collector?

Have you ever dreamt of being an antique car collector like Jay Leno (180 cars and 161 motorcycles), William Harrah (former Reno casino owner who at one time had a museum with 1,450 cars), or Dirk Pitt (fictional […]

Rev these engines ...

Let’s Go Birdwatching!

Pick one of our pairs of binoculars, and then let’s go birdwatching!  In addition to our large flock of doves, we have baby chicks, birds of paradise, bluebirds, budgies, cockatoos, eagles, flamingos, geese, hummingbirds, kingfishers, ostriches, owls, parakeets, […]

Can you spot them all?

Dreaming of Visiting Egypt?

Have you ever dreamt of traveling to Egypt? Are you inspired by elegant Egyptian-themed perfume bottles? Want to ride a camel, see the Sphinx and the pyramids, maybe even buy a local perfume bottle? We still can’t do […]

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Decorating a Perfume and Vanity Item Dollhouse

Have you ever fantasized about decorating a dollhouse with perfume and vanity items? Two of our IPBA members have actually created them. Helen Farnsworth’s four-story dollhouse is pictured above, and Carol Caslow’s dollhouse is described in detail in […]

Enter our decorator showroom ...

Dreaming of Joining a Circus?

Did you ever fantasize about running away to join the circus? If so, our perfume and vanity item circus is for you! It features a trapeze artist, tightrope walker, jugglers, mime, a sword swallower, animal acts, lions, elephants, […]

Run away with us ...

What’s in Your Easter Basket?

A tisket, a tasket, what’s in your Easter Basket? There are plenty of bunnies, eggs and chicks, but are they chocolate or perfume?? Come see what’s in our Easter Basket!

It's egg-citing!

Dreaming of Visiting Paris?

Have you ever dreamt of traveling to see the sights of Paris? This is definitely a fantasy as we cannot currently travel due to the pandemic. How about time travel to Paris in the 1920’s? Paris after WW […]

Come see the sights ...

My Valentine

Did you ever wish that cute boy or girl in your class would notice you?  Or would ask to be your Valentine?  Or wish that your significant other would gift you with a perfume or vanity item Valentine?  […]

Take a peek!

Dancing the Night Away

Did you ever dream of being a ballerina? Or dancing in the New Year at a ball? Unfortunately with the pandemic, we were not able to go to parties and dance in the New Year for 2021. However […]

May I have this dance?

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Boys and girls of all ages (from 1 to 99) have a lot of fantasies and expectations around Christmas and the winter holidays. There is skiing; sledding; decorating the tree and the house; wrapping presents; baking cookies; caroling; […]

Let it snow ...

Sounds and Perfumes Swirl in the Evening Air

Passion can be inspired by both music and perfume. Many perfume bottles, presentations, and perfume advertisements play upon a musical theme. Instruments depicted include pianos, violins, cellos, harps, drums, cymbals, guitar, trumpet, accordion, and more … Did you […]

Listen for the melody ...

Can Bugs be Beautiful?

Were you ever fascinated by bugs as a child? Have you ever stared in wonder at the beautiful patterns on a butterfly’s wings, or the iridescence of the wings of a dragonfly or cicada? Well, a surprising number […]

Do you hear the buzzing?

The Deep Blue Sea

Many the youth has dreamed of being a marine biologist, catching “the big one”, exploring coral reefs, being a sea captain, or hearing the siren song of a mermaid.  The following examples from our Virtual Museum explore how […]

Explore the deep blue sea ...

The Sky is the Limit!

Many a youth has dreamed of studying the stars or exploring space. The following examples from our Virtual Museum explore how perfumes and vanity items play upon these fantasies.

Explore the universe ...

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