IPBA Membership

What are the benefits of my annual membership?

  • Four issues of Perfume Bottle Quarterly magazine
  • Member Directory with all member listings by alphabet and geographical location
  • Convention access and participation
  • Lending Library access to all resources on file
  • eNews, a monthly email newsletter on current IPBA activities and news
  • Free business listing and link for relevant websites
  • Access to the online Virtual Museum on this website

How is the membership year determined?

The membership year starts July 1st, and ends June 30th of each year.  Members joining mid-year will receive back issues of the PBQ for the current year.

Current members will receive a dues reminder in June, and another in mid-August.  Those who have not paid their dues by August 31 will lose their access to the members-only portion of the IPBA website, and will no longer receive the PBQ.

Can another person or a business be on my listing also?

Yes, dues cover one or two people at the same address — or one person and one business at the same address.

Can I opt not to have my address printed in the Directory?

Yes, just advise the Membership Secretary. However, in making this decision please consider that you will not have the full benefits of networking with other members who may share your collecting interests.

How can I find out where I stand in the Member-Get-A-Member contest?

Contact the Membership Secretary, who keeps a record of all new members you have recruited.  Recruitment data is based upon the new member listing your name as how they heard about the IPBA, so please make sure that they add your name.

What are the dues amounts and when are they due?

The dues are currently $55 for U.S. members; $60 US for Canadian members; $65 for elsewhere. The higher charges cover the increased postage costs. Checks (for US members) MasterCard and VISA, or PayPal are accepted for payment. All dollar amounts are stated in US dollars.

Current members will receive a dues reminder in June, and another in mid-August.  Those who have not paid their dues by August 31 will lose their access to the members-only portion of the IPBA website, and will no longer receive the PBQ.

Will I be reminded when my membership is to renew?

In order to conserve our budget, members with an email address will receive an email renewal notice in June,  and a second reminder mid-August.

Members who do not have an email address on record will receive a reminder envelope in the mail during June of each year, and again in August. You will not receive one if you have paid your dues in advance of the due date.

You may contact the Membership Secretary at any time about your current membership status.

I know a prospective member whom I would like to receive a complimentary copy of a Perfume Bottle Quarterly and an application form. Who can send this out for me?

The Membership Secretary will be glad to do this if you supply the person’s name and mailing address.

What issues of the Quarterly are received during a membership year?

Members joining mid-year will receive back issues of the PBQ for the current year.  All told, each member will receive 4 issues of the PBQ:  summer, fall, winter and spring.

Where do I send any change of address, telephone, fax, email, collecting interests, etc.?

Send all changes to the Membership Secretary, who maintains the complete roster of the membership. This will ensure we have the correct mailing address for the Perfume Bottle Quarterly and the most current listing for the Membership Directory.

How can I get a copy of the Membership Directory?

Membership Directories are available for IPBA members only.  They may be purchased for $20 from the Secretary.

How can I obtain IPBA brochures for recruiting new members?

You may request as many IPBA brochures as you wish. These are wonderful tools for recruiting members (and helping you win prizes in the Member-Get-A-Member contest). Contact the Membership Secretary to request how many you would like sent to you. You may also guide prospective members to our online Join Us webpage.

What are the rewards for recruiting new members?

If you recruit:

  • 1 or 2 new members, you will receive a free IPBA pin.
  • 3 to 5 new members, you will receive a one-year paid membership.
  • 6 to 9 new members, choice of: one free convention registration or two years paid membership.
  • 10 to 15 new members, choice of: one free convention registration and one free convention hotel room night, or three years paid membership.
  • 16+ new members, choice of: one free convention registration and two free convention hotel room nights, or five years paid membership.

The contest runs from April 1st through March 31st each year.


When and where is the IPBA Annual Convention held?

The IPBA Convention is usually held in late April or early May.  It is held at various locations throughout the US such as in 2017 in Princeton, NJ; 2018 in Tysons, VA; 2019 in Chicago, IL, in 2021 in Newport, RI and in 2022 in Chicago, IL.  The convention has been held in the Washington, DC area, Las Vegas, NV, Dallas, TX and Portland, OR as a few examples.

Convention locations are considered based on accessibility, accommodations, and availability. For specific convention information or requests, please contact the IPBA Convention Chair.

Do you have to be a member to sign up for the convention?

Yes, being able to attend the convention is one of the benefits of membership.  Members can bring one nonmember guest.

Is there a fee to attend the convention?

Yes, the cost of the convention is decided on an annual basis and covers the cost of the meeting rooms, AV, some food, and costs associated with putting on the convention.

How long is the convention?

The convention begins on Thursday afternoon and runs through Sunday around noon.

What happens at the convention?

The convention is a multi-faceted event including but not limited to: presentations, round table discussions, a live international auction, a showroom with professional vendors selling perfume bottles and vanity items, an orientation meeting for first time attendees, a Keynote, a collectors market where members may sell items, informal gatherings, a Treasures Found event where experts identify items and a business meeting.  We strive to meet a high standard of education during the event.  We also have a beginner’s event called “Collecting Perfume Bottles, Compacts, Purses and Other Vanity Items 101” for new collectors.

Will food be provided?

Yes, there are a couple of receptions and a luncheon or dinner for the Keynote presentation.

What type of location is the convention held?

We hold the convention at a hotel where attendees can stay overnight, and the venue provides rooms for the events along with catering capabilities.   The hotels will give the IPBA a special room rate that we pass on to our attendees.

Are any events open to the Public?

Yes. The auction is open to the public along with the opportunity to preview the auction items.  We open the Showroom for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday to the public.  Our presentation “Collecting Perfume Bottles, Compacts, Purses and other Vanity Items 101” is open to the public.  And the Collector’s Market is also open to the public.  The schedule for the Events Open to the Public will be announced approximately 3 months prior to the convention.

What if I can only attend a part of the convention, is there a lesser fee?

No, we do our best to make the convention the event of the year and hope that everyone will attend the entire weekend.

If the schedule allows for it, we may sell tickets to the public for a special event like a high-profile Keynote presentation or a Vintage Runway Show which would allow for some to attend only certain events at a lesser fee.  This information will be made public at the time the registration materials are available.

When can I expect to receive Convention Registration materials?

Registration materials are sent to all IPBA members about three months prior to the Convention.  Registration will also be available on our website at that time.

Look for upcoming Convention information on this web site as well.

If I have any questions about the convention who do I contact?

You may send your questions to the Convention chair at:  conventions@perfumebottles.org

How do I sign up to be a vendor in the showroom?

Send your inquires to the Convention Show Chair at: showchair@perfumebottles.org

Region Activity

How can I find other members in my area?

Look in the geographical listing in the back of the annual Directory. Members are listed by Country and by State for U.S. members.

How can I find out about regional chapters of the IPBA?

The Membership Directory will list all IPBA Chapter organizations. Some, such chapters in Australia, France, and U.K., maintain their own websites with upcoming activities.

Bottle & Vanity Item Information

Who can I contact regarding identification of an unusual bottle or vanity item, or historical information on the company that produced it?

Initially, you should contact the Archivist. She/he can help you with identification, history, etc. and direct you to research sources. If you have a question about a specific bottle or vanity item, it will be helpful to send a quality photo.

How do I find a book on my collecting specialty?

IPBA’s Lending Library is a great resource. Books are available for members to borrow for free, except for the return postage. A complete list is found on the web site, or contact the IPBA Librarian.

The IPBA Archivist will give you suggestions regarding books in print and their availability.

Many book reviews are also available on this website.

Where can I buy and/or sell bottles or vanity items?

IPBA’s annual convention has multiple buy-sell options: the Perfume Bottle and Vanity Show & Sale offers the largest collection of dealers; the Collectors Market is a more casual set-up for anyone, including non-dealers; and many informal opportunities to meet and exchange with other attendees are available, although not an official Convention activity. The Convention also features the world’s largest Auction with exceptional (and often valuable!) lots of perfume bottles and vanity items — please note that phone bids are accepted as part of the Auction activities.

Where can I get an appraisal on a specific bottle or vanity item?

The IPBA does NOT provide any appraisals. However, many IPBA members are dealers and/or appraisers. You may contact them directly for information. All members are listed in the Member Directory. You may also want to view our online list of Resources for those with listed websites.

Perfume Bottle Quarterly

How can I volunteer to write and submit an article for the Quarterly?

Call or contact the Publications Chair with your suggestion. He or she will be happy to discuss topics, photo requirements, desired length, publishing schedules, and other important considerations. IPBA reserves the right to edit and distribute any submissions. Past PBQ issues are archived and available for purchase based on availability.

How do I order a back issue of the PBQ?

Contact the Archivist. The cost is $7 per issue for members, and $12 for non-members.

Extra copies of the current issue of the PBQ can be ordered from the Secretary at a cost of $14.95 for US members and $19.95 for international members.


How can I get get involved and volunteer?

The IPBA is completely run by volunteers, and we love to see our new members get involved.

If you live in an area with a regional chapter, getting involved there is the quickest way to make friends.  If there is no regional chapter in your area, contact our Vice President about starting one!

The biggest opportunity to volunteer is of course with our convention.  Contact the Convention Chair to see if you can be of assistance.  Volunteer needs will also be listed in your convention packet.

Please visit our Board of Directors page for contact names and emails or simply send a message via our Contact Us page.

Virtual Museum

Some of my items that were in the old Virtual Museum are no longer showing in the new Virtual Museum. What happened?

The IPBA has been improving the quality of the items listed in the Virtual Museum.  Every effort has been made to enhance the older images as necessary to improve the brightness and focus.  Older items may have been regretfully eliminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Image too small to display properly in the new website
  • Unable to get a sharp focus on the image
  • Multiple items in one photo that are not a matched set
  • No descriptive information provided

Members are encouraged to re-photograph and resubmit their items to the Virtual Museum.

How do I submit an item to the Virtual Museum?

IPBA’s Virtual Museum is here for members to enjoy and conduct research. Each category is intended to showcase the finest representations, and submissions are juried accordingly.Your submissions are welcome!

Please provide quality, high resolution (minimum 300 dpi), sharply focused, images (4 to 5 are ideal) that show the key features of the bottle or vanity item. For example, images might show the front, back, labels, markings, and open/close options. Close-ups are welcome if they are clear, but often it is better to provide sharp, whole-item images that can be enlarged and cropped. Use bright lighting without glare. Use plain, simple backgrounds.  Unless the items are a matched set, there should be only one item per photo.

Please rename the images with an indication of the maker, fragrance or other descriptive information (like “Blue DeVilbiss Atomizer_1.jpg”), not just “IMG123”.  Give multiple images of the same item a sequence number.

Please identify the Category, then provide the Item information:
• Type
• Material
• Designer / Maker
• Markings
• Origin
• Label
• Date / Era
• Dimensions
• Description (as detailed as necessary)

Send submissions to: virtualmuseum@perfumebottles.org

NOTE: By submitting images, you agree that the images will be watermarked, and the watermarked images become the property of International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA) and are strictly for the use within IPBA’s Virtual Museum and IPBA social media. Please do not submit copyrighted images unless you own the copyright, and are giving permission for the IPBA to use the image.  IPBA reserves the right to include, reject, or reassign items according to the designated museum categories.

Thank you for sharing your exceptional items for the benefit of all IPBA members!


How can I have my website linked from the IPBA website?

One benefit of your IPBA Membership is a free listing and link on the IPBA’s RESOURCES page. First, create the website and URL address that IPBA members will find relevant and valuable, then verify with IPBA’s Website Manager to establish your link on IPBA’s website. IPBA reserves the right to refuse to link or discontinue a link to a site if it is deemed that the site no longer meets the mission or the objectives of IPBA. You are also encouraged to reference and link IPBA’s website on your website.

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