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IPBA Museum Collection: Space in the Case

We need your help and donations to grow our IPBA Museum Collection. We are inviting YOU, our Members, to donate to our wonderful collection. No donation is too small! Today, the IPBA Museum Collection is housed in the […]

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How To Date Your Commercial Perfume Bottle

Do you have a vintage perfume and need help in figuring out how old it may be? Simply knowing when your perfume first came out can be a huge help. Please remember that some perfumes were made for […]

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Help Keep Our Virtual Museum Growing!

Welcome to Napoleon and his wife, representing the 4,000th item in our Virtual Museum!  While we are excited to reach this milestone, we are eager to keep growing, and providing our members with a great research tool.  Perfume […]

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10 Commandments for Collectors

Thou shalt talk abundantly about thy collection to anyone who will listen. Thou shalt not spend the lunch money on collectibles. Thou shalt keep all the original boxes, no matter how full the closets get. Thou shalt remember […]

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Building a Collection

Collecting perfume bottles and vanity items is interesting because it tells us about our past, and the changing lifestyles around the world and over the centuries. The number of perfume and vanity items available for purchase is immense, […]

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