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The purpose of the International Perfume Bottle Association is to provide information and education about all aspects of perfume and scent bottles, compacts, purses, ephemera, and other related vanity items, including researching their uses, history, manufacture, and significance; to promote collecting of these items; and to promote fellowship among its members and outreach to other collectors.

Awards Presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting

The IPBA has a tradition of honoring our hard-working volunteers. The following awards were made at the Annual Meeting during our 2023 Annual Convention:

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View a Perfume Bottle Quarterly Sample

One of the benefits of IPBA membership is the Perfume Bottle Quarterly (aka the PBQ).  While our archives of 35 years of PBQ issues is for members-only, we’re providing here a sample of our award-winning PBQ for non-members […]

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IPBA collection

IPBA Museum Collection: Space in the Case

We need your help and donations to grow our IPBA Museum Collection. We are inviting YOU, our Members, to donate to our wonderful collection. No donation is too small! Today, the IPBA Museum Collection is housed in the […]

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And the Winner Is … 2021 MGAM Contest Results Are In!

Prizes have been awarded for those IPBA members who have brought in new members as of March 31, 2021. Winner – Judy Parker brought in 4 new members, and won a free 2021 Convention pin and a 1-year […]

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2021 IPBA Donors

Our hats are off for our many donors.  The following members have donated to the IPBA during the July 2020 to June 2021 fiscal year:   FRIENDS Beth Baldwin Diane Goldfarb Shirley Rake Sigrid Bilinkoff Suzanne Heiligman Kamie […]

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The IPBA Shoppe

Welcome to the IPBA Shoppe, where you can view IPBA branded merchandise available for purchase! We’re starting with prior year convention pins, $15 each. IPBA tote bags are $20, and watches are $20. Shipping costs are $5 for […]

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MGAM Rules

You can win rewards by referring new members.  On their membership enrollment, the new member must list your name as how they learned about the IPBA.  The contest runs from April 1st – March 31st of each calendar […]

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IPBA Reference Bookshelf

Recognition of Prior Board Members

The IPBA is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  In recognition of their substantial leadership, hard work, and time commitment, we honor our former Board members: 1988-1989 Joyce Geeser, Editor Perfume & Scent Bottle News Jeane Parris, […]

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Founding of the IPBA

In May 2013, the International Perfume Bottle Association celebrated its 25th year anniversary in grand style in Las Vegas, Nevada. A return to Vegas was special in many ways, as we initially began our story there as a […]

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IPBA Guiding Documents

The conduct of the IPBA organization is guided by the following documents: IPBA_Bylaws Standing_Policies

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IPBA volunteers are the heart, soul, and lifeblood of the organization.  We have no paid staff, so without our volunteers, we wouldn’t exist.  We have a big heart with room for everyone, and many hands make light work!  […]

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Student Collectors Now Open to College Students

The IPBA now has a special, low-cost membership option for art, art history, design, and glass making students interested in studying the history, and design of perfume bottles, and vanity items.  IPBA membership will provide them with access […]

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IPBA Social Media Connections

We want to encourage all members to look at the on-line sites listed below to discover wonderful treasures and share stories and pictures about your passion for perfume bottles, compacts and vanity items. Click below to reach all the different IPBA Facebook […]

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The Story of the IPBA Logo

There is a story behind the IPBA logo, and the bottles that were selected to appear, and the collection interests that they represent. Our Young Collectors’ Coordinator, Joanne Begert, has put together a beautiful pamphlet explaining the history […]

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