IPBA IPBA Shining Stars

The IPBA is only as strong as its members and to that end, we gratefully and dutifully acknowledge those volunteers who have freely and purposefully given time, talent, and treasure to feeding the spirit of this organization.

In 2010, IPBA’s Board of Directors created the Shining Star Award to recognize those who have generously made a notably positive difference within the IPBA with steadfast dedication, shared knowledge and talents.


Some individuals have distinguished themselves by taken a leadership role in an IPBA program, welcomed the challenges, and made the program thrive. Your IPBA Board recognizes these members as IPBA Shining Stars.

:: 2023 Shining Stars ::

Joan Turco — The individual I would like to recognize has been a staunch lover of perfume bottles ever since I met her in the late 1990’s. She joined the IPBA on January 3, 1995, and since then has brought other members aboard with Member Get a Member. Over the years, she has always been quick to share little tidbits on perfume bottles with members and has volunteered for many question and answer workshops on perfume bottles, especially commercials. When I looked through some old Lone Star Newsletters that we used to produce in the early 2000’s, this individual was front and center with her bottles and a big smile on her face. Even now, 25 years later, she still writes articles for the PBQ. And mentoring other members has always been an important role in her love of the club!

She shared her love of Schiaparelli Advertisements at the Virtual Convention and one of my favorite articles in the PBQ was her “Nostalgic Sing-Along with Bottle Themes”, which she wrote in the fall of 2020. Never shy in sharing what she knows and loves about perfume bottles, it is my pleasure to congratulate Joan Turco for a Shining Star this year!

Pauline Turco — Shining stars have been known to be passionate, and no one has been more passionate about porcelain related half dolls, Crown Tops and perfume bottles than the next person we are recognizing. She joined the club in January of 1995, and this may be the first convention she has ever missed.

A teacher by background, this individual has really enjoyed getting into the nuances of collecting initially with mini perfume bottles and later Porcelain/Crown Top Bottles. In fact, she was able to re-produce and manufactured two sizes for the cork replacement tops often lost when Porcelain Crown Tops are over 100 years old. Plus, her passion drove her to create a beautiful and technically accurate book on Crown-Tops that was published in 2013. If you want to know anything about these little porcelain beauties, this is the book to reference!

But her interest in all perfume related porcelain items is not just relegated to herself. Besides also being available at convention for her expertise on Crown Tops, she has also written four articles on Vanity Half Dolls for the PBQ, starting in the Fall of 2017 with the final article published in the Fall of 2018. It is my pleasure to congratulate Pauline Turco on a Shining Star this year!

:: 2022 Shining Stars ::

Julie Carry(posthumously presented and accepted by Hervé Husson) A collector from a very young age, Julie Carry collected Guerlain and any Lalique in all sizes, shapes, and colors! Her enthusiasm for perfume bottles was contagious, and her face lit up when talking about perfume bottles. Julie joined the IPBA and attended her first convention in Princeton in 2017. As a result of several conversations, Julie and 14 other collectors met in Paris in October 2017 to start the IPBA French Chapter. In 2019, she organized a trip to Parcour Lalique. In her professional life, she worked for Lalique as ther Global Marketing Director.

In May 2019, Julie assumed the International Vice President position on the IPBA Board of Directors, bringing fresh ideas to the assocation. When the Board decided to move forward with the 2021 Virtual Convention, she jumped in with ideas having just assisted Lalique with a virtual event. She reached out to Lalique and organized a video tour (with English subtitles) of the Lalique Museum in Wingen-sur-Moder. On behalf of the IPBA, Julie also reached out to The Osmotheque, a perfume archive that preserves very delicate and precious fragrances, to provide a video for the virtual convention.

In October 2021 Julie delivered her fist child, a daughter named Calice. Unfortunately, Julie began cancer treatments in November, and sadly lost her battle in January 2022. Ihe IPBA is heartbroken at the passing of our beloved friend. A genuine, kind, and thoughtful person who brightened any room she entered, Julie was a strong leader and enthusiastic member of the IPBA. In honor of her extraordinary gifts to the IPBA, we posthumously present a Shining Star to Julie Carry.

Phyllis Dohanian — Phyllis Dohanian has devoted herself to the IPBA for a long time. As a member and volunteer, she served on our second elected Board of Directors as President of our association from 1991 to 1993 and Past President from 1993 to 1995, She was among the Directors that made the decision to evolve from the Federation of historic Bottle Collectors club to incorporate the IPBA as a stand-alone, nonprofit entity as it is known today: The International Perfume Bottle Association. Phyllis believes so much in the “international” part of our name that she volunteers with our UK Chapter and has served as their Chairperson since 2016, as well as one of the administrators for the UK’s Facebook social media page.

Phyllis was instrumental in developing a user-friendly path for our 2021 virtual convention, sharing so many viable and great ideas that her nickname became our “Idea Person”. As an example: Phyllis collected a donation from one of our members who was in another state when pandemic related border restrictions hindered normal travel. This donation filled the trunk, back seat, wheel wells, and front passenger seat of Phyllis’ vehicle, but she developed the idea of selling this donation as merchandise in the IPBA’s online showroom along with other IPBA merchandise. She photographed and posted each item in the virtual showroom and managed the sales and shipping, donating her time and efforts to benefit the IPBA. This award fails to reflect her legacy of volunteerism and service to the IPBA, but we’re proud to present Phyllis Dohanian as one brilliantly Shining Star.

Hervé Husson — Hervé Husson loves Guerlain and Guerlain testers. He loves these so much that he collaborted on a book about them which was published in 1995. It is called “Un siècle d’échantillons Guerlain: 1895-1995″ or “A Century of Guerlain Testers”. He has given Vanity Table talks in 2019 on perfume cards and this year on “Hongbao”. He has assisted in multiple ways with the French and International Chapters, and more recently filling the open International Vice President seat on the Executive Board following the unexpected loss of Julie Carry.

When planning began via Zoom for our 2021 Virtual Convention, three people showed interest, and to convention chairperson Teri Wirth’s pleasant surprise, these three members turned out to be a phenomenal team. Hervé was an amazing asset to this tiny group. He helped evolve the theme from “Setting Sail for Newport, Rhode Island” to “Setting Sail for New Horizons” as the convention moved into pandemic-driven virtual mode. The virtual convention wasn’t going to happen unless we could train our members on all types of devices – and fortunately for IPBA’s members, Hervé knew about iPads, Mac Books, and other non-Microsoft devices and was willing to help train our virtual convention attendees on those platforms, how to enter a virtual convention, attend sessions, have good etiquette, and enjoy the experience. His efforts have helped the IPBA continue to succeed, and that makes Hervé Husson an especially bright Shining Star for the IPBA.

Richard Bell — This reliable resource and devoted dealer joined the IPBA in 1995, with already more than 20 years of specialized experience in fine antiques and an affinity for vintage perfume and cologne bottles. Like most of us, his collection started simply with a single bottle that caught his eye – a Czech bottle that he purchased for $5! And like most of us, he told himself he needs more of those. And like most of us, he quickly learned to appreciate every form of perfume and cologne bottle, from the sublime to the sumptuous! In his 27 years with the IPBA, he has generously shared his knowledge and best practices for identifying and cleaning our bottles. He’s consistently promoted IPBA membership through the distribution of our brochures and encourage words to new collectors. He’s been one of our Go-To Resources for Treasures Found, and he’s always willing to help any one of us to better understand those special characteristics that make our collectibles our heart’s desire.

:: 2021 Shining Stars ::

Jon Allmandinger — Jon was not a perfume bottle collector when he came to his first Convention yet he readily fit in with all of us Crazy Perfume Bottle collectors … even though he did not own a single bottle or compact or vanity item.  Jon has attended 10 Conventions where he enjoys talking to the IPBA members, looking at everything, and has acquired several perfume and vanity items, including a piece from Elaine Hyde. You have seen his contributions to the IPBA through his work on the PBQ, where he is responsible for layout and design.   Jon also designs and formats the IPBA Convention Registration Packets and the Convention Programs.  Jon has designed our Convention Logos and the new IPBA single Bottle logo.   He has also helped to create an eNews or two. Jon mentored the Board on the development and redesign of the IPBA website. He has offered Social Media coaching to take our Branding across all platforms. Jon was instrumental early on in creating the IPBA Virtual Convention with the sharing of information from other organizations that had taken an in-person event and turned it into a virtual event.  For his number of Contributions to make the IPBA visible and award winning, Jon Allmandinger is awarded a 2021 Shining Star.

:: 2020 Shining Stars ::

Yvonne and Steve Ruston — Yvonne and Steve have a contagious enthusiasm for Perfume Bottles!  They have expanded the exposure of the IPBA in Australia through the Chapter Newsletters, the Australian Perfume Bottle Collector’s website, and the Australian Interactive Facebook page. Yvonne and Steve have visited Antique shops and left Chapter advertising “flyers”, contacted regional newspapers to publish short articles about our collecting hobbies, and made presentations to local social groups. They perform their roles for the love of collecting and have made many new friends with their irresistible personalities.  Yvonne is the current President and Steve is the Secretary and Treasurer.  They want to acknowledge the other members who play an important role in the Australian Chapter, especially Jo and Bob Mills, respectively the Vice President and the Communications Officer (that means he puts the newsletter together and he is also the webmaster). Due to Covid Restrictions, the Formal presentation was made by Jo Mills on March 11, 2021.  Yvonne and Steve are looking forward to the lifting of COVID Restrictions in Australia and being able to meet with their fellow members and go hunting for more Perfume Bottles.

:: 2019 Shining Stars ::

Andra Behrendt — Andra, also known as “Lady A,” has been an IPBA member since December 1994. She has served as IPBA’s show chair since our 29th annual convention in 2017, organizing one amazing show after another. Our “Lady A” is also a collector and dealer in compacts and was an active member of the Compact Collectors Club. Following the merger of the CCC with the IPBA in January 2016, Andra has taken a lead in the IPBA’s Compact and Vanities Specialty group. But there is another aspect to “Lady A” one that has earned her a 2019 Shining Star. It’s the IPBA Compact and Vanities Specialty Group eNews that she has published since the fall of 2017. The first issue, published after our 2017 Princeton convention, provides members of the specialty group and anyone interested in these gorgeous pieces with regular features, photographs, manufacturers information, history, interviews with members of the specialty group, funny and most unusual contraptions under the heading Ladies Really Used These.

Woody Griffith — There are people in our association who have worked behind the scenes for many years to support the IPBA. Woody Griffith is one of those people. Reflecting on Woody’s contributions, here are a few things that come to mind: As far back as the 1992 Atlanta Convention, Woody was engaged in IPBA activities by developing a Perfume Lamps Friday Afternoon Workshop. Woody served on the board of the IPBA as Treasurer for two terms 1997-1998 and 1999-2000. When Randy Monsen and Rodney Baer started including articles in their auction catalogs, Woody contributed stories for them. Woody has been a go-to person for several presidents of the association when considering potential nominees. His experience, personality, and familiarity with our membership continues to make him a valuable contributor to building strong boards. He has served as Nominating Committee Chair at least once and was on other Nominating committees to interview prospective members. When the Specialty Groups were developed, Woody helped support and facilitate the Compact group.

Judy ‘Atomizer’ Parker — Social media sites continue to grow in popularity and gain new users every day. So, it is important that the IPBA engage on-line, as well, to communicate its mission, promote the organization, and help members connect and share their passion.
Judy Atomizer-Parker has been a champion of the IPBA Interactive Facebook page. She has been a site administrator for several years and is constantly updating pictures, themes and stories. Judy also interacts with people wanting to join the Facebook page, and she does an extraordinary job vetting and finding people interested in perfume bottles, compacts and vanity items. Today, the IPBA Interactive Facebook page has 927 members thanks to her efforts. Understanding the value of keeping IPBA members informed of social media activity around the globe, Judy recommended that the association include IPBA social media links to our monthly eNews. Now all members can stay connected throughout the world by clicking on the links of the Facebook pages to see what is happening in the USA, U.K., Australia, and France.

Madeleine Winkelmann — The IPBA is a place for collectors of vintage beauty — beauty captured in the design and form of perfume bottles, vanity sets, and so on. Madeleine has taken her appreciation of beauty and design and applied it to the small, but beautiful, pins that commemorate our annual conventions and other special occasions. She joined the IPBA in February 1997 and is also a very active member of the “Chesapeake Crabs” chapter of the IPBA. She has also served on the Board. But it’s her design skill that she has graciously and unselfishly donated to the IPBA that makes her one of our Shining Stars. Beginning in 2013, Madeline has worked with local chapters and the board to give form to each year’s convention theme. She has also taken on special design challenges including the UK/IPBA Joint Pin and, most recently, the Perfume Passage Grand Opening Souvenir pin.

:: 2018 Shining Stars ::

Shelley Bechtold — The IPBA board is made up of volunteer members who dedicate countless hours to keep our association strong and invest in its growth.  I had the privilege of working with this next recipient of a Shining Star award on the board for four years.   It is my pleasure to present a Shining Star to Shelley Bechtold, the IPBA’s Treasurer from 2013 to 2017.   I know from experience, her dedication and commitment to the IPBA.    She took on a major task to get the IPBA financials set up on QuickBooks, and went through years of historical data to organize the association’s financial records.  And Shelley steps in whenever she is asked to help, and does so with passion, while balancing other significant business and family commitments.  In addition to her role on the IPBA board, Shelley is a contributor to the Powder Puff section in our PBQ, writing stories and working on articles and content.   And she was a big help in communicating with Roselyn Gerson as the IPBA merged with Roz’s compact collectors group several years ago.  The IPBA board thanks Shelley Bechtold for her contributions to our association. 

Marie Cashman — The Regional Chapters in our organization are so important to keep our members connected, create friendships, and share our mutual passion for perfume bottles and vanity items throughout the year.  The IPBA has regional chapters throughout the USA and in the United Kingdom.  Now imagine establishing a regional chapter across a land mass the size of the 48 contiguous United States.  This is exactly what Marie Cashman in Sydney, Australia accomplished.  And I am honored to present her with the IPBA Shining Star award.  Several years ago, Marie approached Susan Arthur and myself with the vision of creating an Australian Chapter.  And through her hard work, commitment and leadership, the IPBA now has a very strong group of passionate collectors in Australia and New Zealand.  They have an extremely active IPBA Facebook page, have held several conventions, and established their own wonderful web site.  The IPBA board thanks Marie Cashman for her contributions to getting the Australia Chapter started. 

Cathy Dunn — Every now and then you meet someone who makes a great impact from your first impression of them.   That is the case with Cathy Dunn.  When I first met her, she was the perfect example of a self-assured, impeccably dressed and accessorized, determined yet welcoming young woman.  She seemed like the person that you’d want to have as a best friend because there was nothing she couldn’t do.  She has proven this to be exactly who she is time and time again.   She is someone that without hesitation has contributed selflessly to the IPBA without hesitation in a number of ways.  I consider myself lucky to have her as a friend. The IPBA board thanks Cathy for her contributions to our association.  

Lillie Gold — Every year at convention, the registration desk is the central gathering place.  Members are welcomed and greeted by a familiar face, and we go there to pick up our badges and goody bags and learn about events and locations for activities.  When I was helping Rusty double check all the members who offered to volunteer prior to the start of the convention, this next Shining Star recipient had circled the whole section on Registration Desk hours, offering to help whenever she was needed.   And the first person I saw this morning sitting at the registration desk was her.  It is my honor to present a Shining Star award to Lillie Gold.   Lillie volunteers whenever or wherever she is needed during convention.   And she also served on the IPBA board as Membership Secretary from 2013 to 2017.  I had the privilege of serving on the board with Lillie, and she was a wonderful facilitator to people joining the organization.  Lillie continues to support our membership, and is a strong ambassador for our association.  The IPBA board thanks Lillie for her contributions to our association. 

:: 2017 Shining Stars ::

Craig Farnsworth — The pages of our Perfume Bottle Quarterly have been graced with wonderful articles. But what made so many of the articles leap off the page were and are the photographs. For many of us the thought of taking photos of our treasures has been daunting.  But to the rescue, on so many articles to  count, came a hero, a helper.  That shining camera knight who shared and continues to share his talent and time. He replaces our out-of-focus attempts with clear and sharp images. The Board of the IPBA is clear and focused in awarding Craig Farnsworth a 2017 IPBA Shining Star.

Rusty Hernandez — All of us have enjoyed the monthly enews.  But have you ever thought where the seed for that was first planted? The seed was planted by our 2008 and 2009 convention chair who emailed attendees with convention updates and info on area sights. This same person was the co-developer of the perfume Movie Night and Pajama Fashion Show & Contest. This person has also served IPBA as our 2016 show chair in Portland, Oregon. Always a scamp, always a smile, always our Rusty. The Board of the IPBA is pleased to award Rusty Hernandez a 2017 Shining Star.

Janet Ziffer — Good things & people come in small dynamic packages. Our 2011-2013 Treasurer bought such energy to the board. This dynamic person was one of the catalysts behind the 2011 formation of the IPBA Chesapeake Crabs Chapter and has worked to assist and expand the “IPBA chapter” concept and organization. She has been a long standing volunteer for our fantastic annual auctions. She has, through her own initiative & efforts, contributed and greatly expanded our Virtual Museum by working with her IPBA chapter to gather, photograph, and record VM entries. She has developed and recorded the results of our annual convention survey – giving us information on what members really thought. The Board of the IPBA is pleased to award Janet Ziffer a 2017 Shining Star.

:: 2016 Shining Stars ::

Peter Beesemyer and Danny Munoz — The Shining Star Award goes to two outstanding members who we consider an outstanding Dynamic Duo. You can’t really think of one without the other. They have taken the idea of volunteering to a new height with their selfless and enthusiastic efforts in all things related to the raffle. Selling tickets at the beginning, sometimes the middle and at end of just about every convention event and even when the Showroom is open, they are relentless and admirable in this endeavor. At each convention they spend countless hours setting up and decorating the raffle cases, taking this job on with a passion and fun-loving attitude. Their outstanding artistic talents and ingenuity really came alive in Las Vegas with their incredible gambling themed display including a giant slot machine and again in Jacksonville with their tropical flower display. They’ve taken on each year with a new vigor and continue to come up with imaginative displays year after year. These two have contributed consistently to the success of our raffle event. They have shown us, its fun to be involved and their zeal, charisma and dedication have made a difference in our association. We are so fortunate to have as our 2016 Shinning Stars the amazing team of Peter Beesemyer and Danny Munoz.

John Redgrove — The IPBA is fortunate to have members from around the world. During the UK Convention in Leicester, I was fortunate to see Gerda Marshall receive a Shining Star award for her contributions to the IPBA in supporting our European members and translating articles and publications into German for many years. I am honored to present another Shining Star to someone who has been described as witty, smart, thoughtful, and people friendly. This person enjoys taking pictures for the UK IPBA publication and is always encouraging anyone to write stories and articles to be published. This person is very creative and an extraordinary editor. I had the chance to personally work with this individual when I designed the UK Chapter convention pin. So I know first-hand how much his dedication and support helps our association. And if you have not figured out already who this person is, he is dedicated to his lovely wife, Yvonne, who is a passionate member of the IPBA from England. Please join me in congratulating John Redgrove on receiving the IPBA’s Shining Star award for his contributions to the UK Chapter’s amazing Perfume Bottle Magazine.

:: 2015 Shining Stars ::

Rod Baer — When you view the International Perfume Bottle Association’s logo, you are enjoying the artistic talent of Rod Baer. This logo represents all facets of our collectors’ beloved perfume bottles. In 2008, IPBA initiated a logo contest, and members responded in overwhelming support of keeping Rod’s logo for our brand. That logo has stood the test of time. Since then, Rod’s logo was highlighted in the Young Collector’s Spring 2013 Newsletter. The Board was so pleased with the outcome that they supported a special printing of the story as an insert booklet for the 2014 Annual Directory and as an insert enclosure for every new YC member. Rod has been a stalwart member of the IPBA from its earliest days. He served as Publications Chair for two terms 1999 – 2003, again using his creative artistic talent to produce wonderful magazines. And, of course, he worked as a team with the late Randy Monsen to introduce and produce the world-class perfume bottle auctions at convention annually from 1991 to 2008.

Helen Browdy — Since the Reston 2010 convention, Helen has been serving as Show Chair of our fabulous Showroom and Exhibit Hall. She was instrumental in organizing and spearheading our special Silver Anniversary Show and its dedication to Jeane Parris. During her tenure she has worked with three different Boards, two Convention Chairs and put on 6 outstanding showrooms – each with its unique floor plan and difficulties. And what difficulties, from dealing with union trades to missing cabinet locks and lots of personalities in-between, Helen has brilliantly triumphed and brought what appears to all is a seamless show! Over the last several years, Helen has worked diligently to put together a streamlined and detailed exhibitor packet. Helen has strived to be a conduit between the sitting boards and the exhibitors, presenting feedback to and from both sides. And Helen has been a steadfast exhibitor for ten years herself, specializing in huge factices offered with a great big RED lipstick smile!!

Annie Huang Luck — Can do Attitude; Professional Standards; Vision; Graphic Designer Extraordinaire. The IPBA would like to recognize Annie Huang Luck for a Shining Star this year. Annie’s love of perfume bottles has led her to volunteer many hours each quarter for the PBQ. Her genius provides beautiful graphic layouts for the Perfume Bottle Quarterly. Annie’s skill sets have saved us the expense of a graphic designer and her expertise has helped bring our publication to a higher standard. She has a keen eye and knack for displaying bottle photographs and descriptions so that it all flows into a beautiful presentation. Her “can do” attitude is greatly appreciated. We are very fortunate to have her lend us the use of her talents. Her volunteer efforts have also given the IPBA our beautiful and updated Member-Get-A-Member brochures, now in English, French and Spanish. She is a dream to work with. Thank you Annie for lending use your skills and vision. It’s an honor to present you with the Shining Star Award. 

:: 2014 Shining Stars ::

Joanne Begert — Joanne Begert is one of our most creative and tireless contributors. She has been involved with the Young Collectors program from its early stages and has taken the program on with a flourish of creativity and hard work. As our Young Collector Coordinator, Joanne has turned the program into a mini IPBA and has done it beautifully. She has created and produced some of the most wonderful Young Collector Newsletters with an eye at teaching and entertaining both the young and old alike. Additionally, Joanne created the Logo Story that is now on our website and included in our membership directory. The story showcases in a beautiful way every aspect of how the logo began along with an explanation about each perfume bottle’s representation in the IPBA logo. 

Verna Kocken — The IPBA is lucky to have a volunteer like Verna Kocken. She is an unassuming and powerful force within our association. Sharing her expertise in Czech perfume bottles and related items, Verna has written the wonderful reference book “Perfume Bottles for Purse and Dresser from Czechoslovakia”. Verna was our Publications Chair for four years, and has authored more than 16 articles and book reviews for the PBQ. Over the years, she has gracefully presented four well-attended round tables at Convention, and has recently kept her devotion-in-motion by becoming the co-chair of the Cascadia Pacific Northwest chapter.

George Stam — George Stam is a passionate perfume bottle historian, dealer and collector and he is a strong supporter of our association. George served two terms on the IPBA Board as International Vice President. He gave two keynote presentations – in 1996 he presented “The Golden Years of Perfumery” and in 2007 he presented “Frankly My Dear I Prefer Baccarat.” He has also written several PBQ articles including “The Splendors of Reveillon” and “The Marvelous Collection of Nathalie Lancier”. In addition to these activities, George is a major promoter of perfume bottle collecting through his participation in international shows such as Carouge-Geneve in Switzerland, Maastricht in Netherlands and the Palais de la Deouverte in France. He recently assisted in writing the catalog for the Paul Poiret Exhibition in Grasse. 

:: 2012 Shining Stars ::

Janice Boyd — Janice is the driving force in the success of the specialty group Perfume Burners and Lamps. She communicates with her group through a newsletter entitled “Scents Aflame” for which she gathers pictures, short pieces and newsy items to share. She challenges her group to take turns in participating in writing short articles and leading discussions. The group provides articles to the PBQ and to the Young Collectors newsletter. Janice keeps the flame burning!

Afonso Oliveira — Afonso from day one as a member has become the Social Networking IPBA Ambassador, by constantly visiting the IPBA Facebook page, sharing information and pictures and conducting fascinating discussions. He has conducted roundtables on Portugese bottles and has published several articles on powders and perfumes in the PBQ. He is enthusiasm personified, and has shared his knowledge with all.

Muriel Peterson — Muriel’s contributions at convention have been far-reaching, from presentations to participation in symposia, and leading roundtable topics. She is co-chair of the Victorian and Art Glass Specialty Group – a very well-populated and enthusiastic group. Her dedication in assisting at the Registration Desk and “Team Goodie Bag” stuffing is welcome. Her expertise is in all things Victorian.

Jeffrey Sanfilippo — Jeffrey was a huge contributor to the success of the 2011 Chicago convention. He was on the local planning committee, spearheaded the tour selection, and was Master of Ceremonies at the grand event at the Sanfilippo Estate. He has served on the Board as Convention Chair, and is co-chair for the Perfume Burners and Lamps Specialty Group. Jeffrey shares his knowledge at roundtables on Men’s Perfume Presentations and is our man-behind at the well-received and anticipated “Saturday Movie Night.” 

:: 2011 Shining Stars ::

Terry Emmony — Terry stepped in eight years ago to fill the much-needed role of Webmaster of the IPBA website. He diligently performed this service, keeping the Association in the forefront of cyberspace so that interested collectors can find us, and our IPBA members can be kept informed of current club programs and activities.

Suzanne Heiligman — For many years Suzanne has been the IPBA’s primary liaison with fragrance companies and through extensive contact with representatives, has informed and educated them about our Association. As a result of these volunteer efforts, she obtained fabulous items for convention raffles, and wonderful treasures for the welcome bags given to all registered convention attendees.

Connie Williams — Connie, who is a custom jeweler, has through the years created many wonderful, high quality items for IPBA and generously donated them to the organization. These lovely items were used in past convention raffles, proceeds of which benefited IPBA programs. Additionally, since 2001 Connie has produced the special, individually crafted gift items that IPBA presents as a “thank you” to outgoing Presidents. 

:: 2010 Shining Stars ::

Coleen Abbott — Coleen envisioned a Library of perfume related materials that IPBA members could access to better enable research of their collections. With the IPBA Board’s approval, she set up both donation and purchase procedures for assembling the collection of books, and also set up the lending procedures. Thanks to Coleen, IPBA members now have the benefit of the Lending Library to enhance their collecting experience.

Sally Berger — Sally served as Convention Show Chair for 8 years! In that position she recruited dealers and handled their contracts, coordinated booth space, showcase rental and placement and arranged for room security. With Sally’s oversight the Show & Sale itself became a shining star of the Convention.

Carol Caslow — Carol has served as Raffle Chair at Convention for 10 years! Her dedication in manning the Raffle Booth, selling and overseeing ticket sales, coordinating the record keeping, the prize drawings and the photographs has helped make the Raffle Program an important part of our annual Convention.

Marsha Crafts — Marsha is recognized for exceptional guidance of the DeVilbiss Specialty Collector’s Group. She took on the challenge and exceeded expectations by creating a website for her group and putting together an introductory, educational DVD program. She has now turned her talents to the Czech category.

Barbara W. Miller — Barbara understood how intimidating a large convention can be for someone attending for the first time. She took the orientation program one step further by recruiting mentors who offer the first time attendee friendship, guidance and someone with whom to share the convention experience. This program has become a very important part of the Convention programming.

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