IPBA In Memory of Our Lost Heroes

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In the US, we remember our lost warriors on Memorial Day – the last Monday in May.  Given the current bloody war in Ukraine, and the fact that our WW II “greatest generation” is passing away, we are publishing a remembrance page. We are sharing perfumes, vanity items, and ephemera that honor all (men and women) who showed courage and fought for their countries around the world, and throughout the ages. These items document the courage of the military and the nurses; the tools of their trade; the women at home who made adjustments to support the war effort, helping to bring their loved ones home sooner; the victory celebrations; and the joy expressed when their loved ones made it home.

Editor’s Note: It is always interesting when countries who were allies during one war were enemies in a different war. IPBA attempts not to take sides, but to honor all war heroes. 

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