IPBA IPBA's Holiday Global Zoom Meeting

The International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA) sparkled with holiday cheer during our recent Holiday Global Zoom meeting on December 10, 2023. With attendees from across the globe, the virtual gathering was a delightful celebration of fragrance, beauty, and camaraderie.

Representatives from six countries — Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Canada, and the US — came together, totaling 28 participants, infusing the meeting with a rich tapestry of international perspectives and shared passion for perfume bottle and vanity item collecting.

What made this meeting truly special was the vibrant sharing spirit among the attendees. Seventeen individuals contributed entries, showcasing an array of treasures that included exquisite perfume bottles, enchanting powder boxes, and captivating vintage advertisements.

Among the standout entries was a heartwarming short video shared by Helen Farnsworth. The footage featured actual moving ice skaters from a Charles of the Ritz winter scene presentation, beautifully capturing the essence of the season and the artistry encapsulated in perfume collectibles.

The meeting was not just an exhibition of collectibles; but a jubilant occasion where we connected, shared stories, and reveled in the beauty of our shared interest. Laughter echoed through the digital space as we discussed our beloved winter pieces and recounted our stories behind these fragrant gems.

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