IPBA Let's Go Birdwatching!

It’s no secret that vendors of perfume and vanity items play upon our fantasies.  This is an occasional series of articles on various youthful fantasies that are explored through perfume bottles and vanity items.

If your collection includes an item that applies to these themes, please submit them to our Virtual Museum, and we will add them to these pages.  See Submission Guidelines.

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Pick one of our pairs of binoculars, and then let’s go birdwatching!  In addition to our large flock of doves above, we have baby chicks, birds of paradise, bluebirds, budgies, cockatoos, ducks, eagles, flamingos, geese, hawks, herons, hummingbirds, kingfishers, ostriches, owls, parakeets, parrots, peacocks, pelicans, pheasants, robins, storks, swallows, swans, turkeys, and a few imaginative others.  Can you find them all?

This is our most comprehensive fantasy yet, covering the vast majority of categories in our Virtual Museum: art glass; Baccarat; Cameo glass; commercial; compacts; crown tops; Czech; Depression glass; DeVilbiss; early scent bottles; Lalique; misc. vanity items; novelties; powder boxes, jars and envelopes; trade cards; trade catalogs; solid perfumes; and Victorian items! Can you identify at least one item from each of these categories?

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