IPBA 2019 IPBA Perfume Bottle Design Competition Winners

The design competition winners shown above (left to right) are:

2016 (tie) Domingo Navales for “Octopus” and Gregoris Komodromas for “Aphrodite”;

2017 Paul Mabe for “Trillium”;

2018 Elaine Hyde for “Black and Blue”;

2019 Gustavo Santana for “Blue Ice”

While ‘vintage’ may rule the days of Convention, the IPBA recognizes that every gorgeous bottle was at one time a sparkling new work of art.  And from there the IPBA PERFUME BOTTLE DESIGN COMPETITION was born.  The competition is free to enter, and is open to anyone who designs and creates an original perfume bottle or original perfume bottle sketch.  The design may utilize any medium – glass, metal, pottery, etc. – and must fall between the designated design period between December 1 and March 1 prior to the Annual Convention, which is when the final entries are judged by ballot vote by members attending the convention.  The top three are awarded cash prizes.

Our 2019 Perfume Bottle Design Competition welcomed an amazing selection of designs ranging in styles from traditional to contemporary, sublime to whimsical, and in a variety of mediums, colors, techniques and aesthetics.  Our 2019 winners include Gustavo Santana, first place; Luca Ligouri, second place; and Anna Boothe, third place.

Gustavo, the 2019 first place winner, has over 25 years experience behind him. Gustavo is well-recognized for designs he created exclusively for Correia Art Glass of Santa Monica, California. His love of plants and animals are reflected in the designs he creates for almost all his bowls, vases, plates, and perfume bottles. Before opening his own studio in Los Angeles, in 2005, he also worked for other well-known glassblowers in southern California and abroad creating pieces for individual, corporate and industrial clients.

In December 2008, Santana was honored with his first Museum Show at the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, California. It has one of his unique hand-blown and carved vases in its permanent collections.he museum.

A hearty THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS  to all of our winners!

NOTE:  The 2020 Perfume Bottle Design Competition was canceled due to Covid-19.

Details for the 2021 Competition will be released in November 2020.  Contact the IPBA’s Vice President, Roseann Smith, for further details at [email protected]



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