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Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Boys and girls of all ages (from 1 to 99) have a lot of fantasies and expectations around Christmas and the winter holidays. There is skiing; sledding; decorating the tree and the house; wrapping presents; baking cookies; caroling; […]

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Announcing the IPBA Perfume Bottle Design Contest 2021

2021 PERFUME BOTTLE DESIGN CONTEST RULES 1. Eligibility This free to enter perfume bottle design contest is open to anyone who designs and creates an original perfume bottle or original perfume bottle sketch. This design may be of […]

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The History of Perfumes and Cosmetics in Romania by Val Iacob

The book “The Visual History of Perfumery in Romania” maps the evolution of Romanian perfumery, from its beginnings to the present. It contains an impressive collection of photos, information, episodes and long-forgotten key moments that have defined this […]

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Convention 2021 Update

Your IPBA Board is diligently working towards an “in person” traditional convention for our four-day spectacular event, April 29 – May 2, 2021. The Gurney’s Resort and Marina in Newport, RI is an incredible location to host our […]

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2021 IPBA Auction Consignments Solicited

Do you have perfume bottles or vanity items that you are interested in selling? The PERFUME BOTTLES AUCTION, organized by renowned specialist Ken Leach, is the official auction of the International Perfume Bottle Association’s annual convention.  This auction […]

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What Is It? What’s It Worth?

To get the right information so that you can identify, insure, sell or simply appreciate your bottle you should become an educated consumer by researching your bottle or collection via several avenues – eBay, auction sites, the internet-at-large […]

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