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Parfum d’Eventail by Philippe Raymond

Fresh off the press, the book “Parfum d’Eventail” by Philippe RAYMOND with preface by Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg, perfumery expert. This work is dedicated to advertising through the fans of the 19th century to the present day. It traces, through […]

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Estee Lauder: A Beautiful Life book cover

Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life

A new book titled “Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life” was recently published by Assouline Publishers. This beautiful 200 page silk hardcover book comes with a silk slipcover and includes over 300 illustrations. As an innovative businesswoman Estée Lauder […]

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Perfume Novelties for Dollhouses book cover

Novelties for Dollhouses

This book is about Stuart and Karoff perfume novelties for dollhouses and is the twelfth in the series of books written by Patty Cooper and printed by Blurb.com. The book is bright and well organized.  With great color […]

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Lampes Berger book cover

Lampes Berger: A Century of History by Gérald Vilcocq

The book “Lampes Berger: A Century of History” describes the 100-year history of this company. The first edition dates back to 1998. The most recent edition was published in 2003. This 319-page book features hundreds of photographs arranged […]

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The Scent of Empires book cover

The Scent of Empires by Karl Schlögel

The introduction to “The Scent of Empires” explains the author’s constant exposure to the fragrance “Red Moscow” in Soviet Russia. The historian in him caused him to delve into its origins. The empires in the title refer to […]

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The Maybelline Story book cover

The Maybelline Story

“The Maybelline Story” recounts the beginning and history of the Mabelline company.  In 1915, when a kitchen stove fire singed his sister Mabel’s lashes and brows, Tom Lyle Williams watched in fascination as she performed what she called […]

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E. Virgil Neal and Tokalon book cover

The Cosmetics Baron You’ve Never Heard of: E. Virgil Neal and Tokalon

Who was the real E. Virgil Neal – cosmetics and perfume baron of Tokalon? Snake-oil salesman? Criminal and traitor? Who was Emma, the wife who performed hypnotism demonstrations with him in Pennsylvania mining towns, under his alias Xenophon […]

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Leonard Lauder book cover

The Company I Keep

Leonard Lauder is Estee Lauder’s oldest son (now age 87) and reveals the business and life lessons learned while running the beauty empire that his mother created.  This story was very entertaining as well as educational about many […]

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Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry book cover

Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry by Annette Green and Linda Dyett

The richness and depth of Annette Green’s experience, her keen insights and vast knowledge of scents and their containers are vividly apparent in her research of aromatic jewelry as presented in “Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry”.  This is the […]

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Fragrand and Fans book cover

“Fragrance and Fans” by the late Evelyn Malpas

The book is a rare spiral bound softcover. It is a superior reference to the use of fans in fragrance and beauty advertising and the firms that issued them. There are 36 pages of text and images. It […]

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Bijoux Promotionnels de Parfumeurs book cover

Bijoux Promotionnels de Parfumeurs

“Bijoux Promotionnels de Parfumeurs” explores the jewelry lines promoted by perfumers.  In addition to their traditional line of perfumes, many perfumers produced a line of so-called “licensed” jewelry and other items. This consists of quality jewelry intended only […]

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Femmes de Papier book cover

Femmes de Papier

“Femmes de Papier” explores the advertising tradition of perfume cards.  The Perfume Card is an ideal way of perceiving a fragrance, to discover a perfume. These cards are sought after by many collectors. Today they have become object […]

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Beauty Powder and its Boxes book cover

Beauty Powder and its Boxes (1880-1980) by Anne de Thoisy-Dallem

“Beauty Powder and its Boxes” is a softcover book with 208 full color pages and with great illustrations.  It provides us with an opportunity to explore the intimacy of the makeup rituals of elegant ladies via Anne de […]

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Romanian perfumes book cover

The History of Perfumes and Cosmetics in Romania by Val Iacob

The book “The Visual History of Perfumery in Romania” maps the evolution of Romanian perfumery, from its beginnings to the present. It contains an impressive collection of photos, information, episodes and long-forgotten key moments that have defined this […]

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Cristalleries de Nancy book cover

Nancy: la cristallerie oubliée (the forgotten crystal factory) by Gérard Caussaint

Gérard Caussaint takes you to an incredible journey to the forgotten crystal glassworks of Nancy (1920-1934), also known as Cristalleries de Nancy. This unique compendium of 384 pages , is illustrated with over 400 photographs, drawings and documents. […]

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fenton book cover

Fenton Art Glass, Hobnail Pattern, Identification & Value Guide, (2005) by Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer

I have been a Fenton art glass collector for several years.  One of my collections focused on the early Hobnail design starting with the No. 289 French Opalescent cologne bottles made for Wrisley Perfume of Chicago, IL in […]

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bedroom and bathroom glassware cover

Bedroom & Bathroom Glassware of The Depression Years by Margaret Whitmyer

Depression glass is a reflection of the events and styles of the era during which it was made.  The first half of the Twentieth Century was comprised of two world wars, the stock market crashing and throwing the […]

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perfume presentation book cover

Perfume Presentation

“Perfume Presentation: 100 Years of Artistry” is a gorgeous, large “coffee-table” book that is a must-have for any collector of commercial perfume bottles. If consists of over 300 pages with 530 beautiful full color photographs. The author, Ken […]

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F. Millot book cover

F. Millot, Perfumer: From Eau Magique to Crêpe de Chine

The Parisian house F. Millot knew how to take a preponderant place on the market between 1860 and 1970. By its essentially family character, it assumed a very particular importance in the history of perfumery. Félix Millot, from […]

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American compacts book cover

American Compacts: 1921 through the Art Deco Era by Howard W. Melton and Michael A. Mont

“American Compacts: 1921 through the Art Deco Era” by Howard W. Melton and Michael A. Mont is a glorious exploration of American Art Deco Compacts.  The book includes 1,120 color photographs, historical information relating to the emergence of […]

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English cameo glass perfumes cover

English Cameo Glass Perfume Bottles by Barbara Miller, Gayle Syers and Victor Weinstein

So much more. That is the phrase that continues to describe the awe Gayle, Vic and I feel after two years of working on the book “English Cameo Glass Perfume Bottles”.  More fabulous than we ever imagined. More […]

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cambridge glass cover

Cambridge Glass Vanity Items 1903-1955 by Kenn & Margaret Whitmyer

This book is a comprehensive examination of the vanity glassware production of the Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio.   It is a follow-up book to their earlier more general vanity glassware book “Bedroom an Bathroom Glassware of the […]

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vanity cases book cover

A Vanity Affair: L’art du nécessaire by Lyne Kaddoura

“A Vanity Affair” is called the ultimate illustrated guide to the most exquisite vanity cases from the nineteenth century onward.  It is an unmissable opportunity for lovers of jewelry and fashion. This elegant and richly illustrated volume, featuring […]

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a kind of magic cover

A Kind of Magic: Art Deco Vanity Cases by Sarah Hue-Williams and Peter Edwards

“A Kind of Magic”, a beautiful book on Art Deco Vanity Cases, is based on the Kashmira Bulsara Collection. Written by Sarah Hue-Williams, international jewelery historian, gemmologist and author, in collaboration with Peter Edwards, foremost dealer in 20th-century […]

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parfums schiaparelli cover

Parfums Schiaparelli: Scented Stories by Antigone Schilling

“Parfums Schiaparelli: Scented Stories” is the first volume to explore the fascinating stories behind Elsa Schiaparelli’s radical perfume creations, from fragrance notes to groundbreaking bottle design and innovative advertisements. Elsa Schiaparelli was a revolutionary of twentieth-century fashion because […]

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perfume roads cover

The Perfume Roads by Creezy Courtoy

Follow author Creezy Courtoy on a journey to discover the ‘perfume roads’ of the Middle-East, Far East and the West.  The book includes over 280 photographs (mostly unpublished) from the Courtoy Collection.  It is an incredible story of […]

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spritzing to success cover

Spritzing to Success with the Woman Who Brought an Industry to its Senses by Annette Green

Annette Green, in her autobiography Spritzing to Success, takes us on her “fragrant journey” from her first job as an editorial assistant at American Druggist to her 40 years heading the Fragrance Foundation. The Fragrance Foundation was formed […]

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Littleton book cover

Harvey K. Littleton: A Life in Glass: Founder of America’s Studio Glass Movement by Joan Falconer Byrd

Harvey Littleton, Honorary Lifetime Member of the IPBA, was honored in major museums throughout the United States in 2012 as the founder of the American studio glass movement, which marked its 50th anniversary in 2012. IPBA members remember […]

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perfume history cover

Perfume: A Global History by Jean-Bernard Pouy

This large book is an anthology on the history of perfume, devised by Marie-Christine Grasse, chief curator of the Musee International de la Perfumerie in Grasse, France. It covers fragrance from ancient times to perfume today, with much […]

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quintissentially perfume cover

Quintessentially Perfume by Nathalie Grainger

“Quintessentially Perfume” by Nathalie Grainger features fabulous color photographs of bottles from the Baccarat Heritage collection interspersed throughout this book. Primarily the focus is on niche fragrances from boutique perfume houses, most of which are names unknown to […]

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secrets of chanel cover

The Secret of Chanel No. 5: The Intimate History of the World’s Most Famous Perfume by Tilar Mazzeo

Fascinating story of the behind-the-scenes events leading to the creation of Chanel No. 5.  An “unauthorized” biography telling tales of Mlle. Coco Chanel’s (1883-1971) life and loves (not reported in other biographies). Interesting facts are included regarding the […]

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crown top book cover

The Crown Top Book by Pauline Turco

This wonderful book deals exhaustively with the specialty collecting area of Crown Top perfume bottles. Pauline Turco, a long time member of the International Perfume Bottle Association, has spent years researching her specialty and graciously shares this knowledge […]

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coty book cover

Francois Coty: Fragrance, Power, Money by Roulhac Toledano and Elizabeth Coty

While much has been written before about M. Francois Coty (1874 – 1934), this biography is greatly enhanced by the personal reminiscences of his grandson’s wife who worked for the company, and is filled with information gleaned through […]

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passion for purses cover

A Passion for Purses by Paula Higgins and Lori Blaser

“A Passion for Purses” is an excellent reference providing a four hundred year historical overview, then homing on on specific eras and purse types, highlighting the following twelve chapters. Capping it all, Chapter 14 is a candid commentary […]

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essence of perfume cover

The Essence of Perfume by Roja Dove

The “Essence of Perfume” is lavishly illustrated journey through the history of perfume, taking in the glamour and scandal of the industry as well as the science behind iconic scents. Perfume has always been an exclusive industry. From […]

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lei in a bottle cover

Lei in a Bottle: Collecting Hawaiian Perfume Bottles by Gwen and Evan Olins

“Lei in a Bottle” is a beautiful softcover book containing well over 200 photos of Hawaiian perfume bottles. While the photos and graphics are stunning, the actual stories of how the Hawaiian perfume industry came to be is […]

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perfume bottles cover

The Wonderful World of Collecting Perfume Bottles Second Edition by Jane Flanagan

Author Jane Flanagan hopes that Edition II of “The Wonderful World of Collecting Perfume Bottles” will have many surprises for our readers. In addition to updating chapters shown in Edition I, included is a new company, the E […]

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american compacts cover

Mueller’s Overview of American Compacts & Vanity Cases by Laura Mueller

Our very own Laura Mueller has published her third book about American face powder compacts and vanity cases. As usual, Laura’s book is very well researched and indexed with a fine bibliography. Her scholarly and complete glossary of […]

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perfume cover

Perfume: Joy, Scandal, Sin by Richard Stamelman

“Perfume” by Richard Stamelman is a heavy read – and I mean this both literally and figuratively… It weight five pounds! Regarding content, the author has gone into great depth and research concerning the concept of perfume in […]

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perfume advertising cover

Classic Perfume Advertising 1920 – 1970 by Jacqueline Johnson

In this book, Jacqueline presents to us an array of fabulous graphics that represent perfume advertising at its best from the period of 1920 through 1970.  This book is a beautiful and colorful testament to the collecting interests […]

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novelty hand fans cover

Novelty Hand Fans by Cynthia Fendel

“Novelty Hand Fans” by Cynthia Fendel is her second book.  Her previous book on fans is “Celluloid Hand Fans”.   She is a founding member of Fan Association of North America. Her book is divided into 20 chapters.  Perfume collectors […]

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perfume bottles book cover

Perfume Bottles for Purse and Dresser: From Czechoslovakia, 1920s-1930s by Verna J. Kocken

Beautiful glass perfume bottles made in Czechoslovakia during the 1920’s and 30’s were produced to please a variety of tastes, decors, and pocketbooks. Today, these tiny artistic treasures possess an Old World charm that endears them to collectors. […]

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The Wonderful World of Collecting Perfume Bottles by Jane Flanagan

Long time member Jane Flanagan has written a book entitled “The Wonderful World of Collecting Perfume Bottles”. This is a book for the novice collector, one who merely wants to identify an older bottle and maybe a surprise […]

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Scents & Sensibilities: Creating Solid Perfumes for Well-Being by Mandy Aftel

Reviewed by Shari Maxson Hopper Delve into the world of natural perfume and discover how different scents can have a profound effect on your emotions, from relieving stress to enhancing sensuality. In Scents and Sensibilities, author Mandy Aftel […]

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perfume legends cover

Perfume Legends II by Michael Edwards

We all know Michael Edwards as a British fragrance expert, author, and founding editor of Fragrances of the World, the largest guide to perfume classification. His lectures and writings, including the book Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances, pioneered […]

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fragrances book cover

Fragrances of the World by Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards presents the 31st edition of his book Fragrances of the World 2015 The Fragrance Bible by emphasizing that in 2014, the market welcomed over 1600 new perfumes, which were included in the new amended edition of […]

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dior book cover

DIOR: The Perfumes, by Chandler Burr

Many members will remember Chandler Burr, the author of “DIOR:  The Perfumes” from his 2008 keynote presentation at the IPBA convention in St. Louis.  Some of us also own his earlier book “The Perfect Scent”. This book is […]

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elsa schiaparelli cover

Elsa Schiaparelli: A Biography by Meryle Secrest

From reviews in Elle magazine to the New York Times, to the introspective feature on 1stdibs, biographer Meryle Secrest has been described as “offer(ing) insights aplenty into the strategist that lay behind the ‘madcap’ Schiap façade”. She provides […]

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devilbiss book cover

DeVilbiss Perfume Bottles by Marti DeGraaf and Toby Mack

“DeVilbiss Perfume Bottles” is the first-ever complete guide to collecting and understanding the perfume bottles and related vanity products produced by DeVilbiss, the world’s foremost atomizer manufacturer of the 20th century. This expansive 320-page volume tells the tale […]

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microcosmos book cover

Microcosmos Van René Lalique by Benjamin Janssens

The Lalique Museum in The Netherlands is producing a new book to be available on September 7, 2014 to accompany the René Lalique exhibition which begins on that date. It is dedicated to the jewelry and glass artistry […]

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lips of luxury cover

Lips of Luxury by Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg

Starting with its gorgeous gold-embossed jacket, this new collector book on lipsticks “Lips of Luxury” by IPBA Member Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg of Paris, France, is a feast for the eyes throughout. Most perfume bottle collectors have never focused on […]

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Antique Trader Perfume Bottles Price Guide by Kyle Husfloen and Penny Dolnick

As an author, Penny has contributed several excellent and valuable guides for perfume bottle collectors: Penny Bank Commercial Bottle Price Guide (8th Edition); Penny Bank Miniature and Tester Perfume Bottle Pocket Price Guide (3rd Edition); and Penny Bank […]

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Glamour Icons: Perfume Bottle Design by Marc Rosen

Mr. Rosen has written this absolutely spellbinding book about his career as a creator of perfume bottles for commercial fragrances beginning in 1972. Beautiful photos of his creations for Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Karl Lagerfeld, and Fendi (among many […]

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The Art Of Rene Lalique

The Art of Rene Lalique by Christie Mayer Lefkowith

The book combines years of work of eminent expert on perfume presentation art: Christie Mayer Lefkowith, with the treasure-trove of the most purposeful Lalique perfume collector: Silvio Denz. To that mix, give the author a free hand and […]

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