IPBA Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life by Aerin Lauder and Jane Lauder

A new book titled “Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life” was recently published by Assouline Publishers. This beautiful 200 page silk hardcover book comes with a silk slipcover and includes over 300 illustrations.

As an innovative businesswoman Estee Lauder was in a league of her own. From her humble background growing up in Queens, New York, Estee’s ambition and hard work led to her tremendous success as she transformed a small skincare cream into a worldwide portfolio of beauty brands.

This book was created with the help of her two granddaughters and opens the door to this legendary woman who made her name known all over the world. To celebrate her life and influences in the cosmetic industry, this book presents an in-depth look at what a beloved tour de force Estee was, as expressed through her personal letters, family photographs, company archives and more.

The book measures 13″ x 11″ and can be purchased on Amazon or through Assouline Publishers at assouline.com.

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