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The Perfume Bottle and Vanity Item Auctions have been a centerpiece of IPBA Conventions since 1990.  They are attended by hundreds of collectors around the world, as well as convention participants.  The auction items are always spectacular, and the catalogs contain a wealth of reference information about the items for sale, and are gradually becoming collector items in their own right.  The auction catalogs are often referenced as areas for further research from our Virtual Museum descriptions.

The auctions from 1990 through 2008 were conducted by Randy Monsen and Rod Baer.  The Monsen and Baer catalogs are no longer available commercially, however they sometimes can be found for sale on eBay.

The auctions from 2008 through the present have been conducted by Ken Leach.  These auction catalogs can be purchased from the Perfume Bottles Auction website.  The realized prices by lot for each auction are also available there for printing.

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