IPBA Celebrate IPBA Day!

What is IPBA Day?

IPBA Day was established by the IPBA Board in 2012 as a way to link members across the globe on the same day celebrating our passion for perfume bottles and vanity items.

It has been endorsed by the IPBA’s Past Presidents at their 2012 gathering. And, as the IPBA was incorporated in the State of Illinois, then Governor Pat Quinn, issued a proclamation announcing the 1st IPBA Day.

Why IPBA Day?

IPBA Day is an opportunity to embrace the “International” and the “National” part of the IPBA; it’s an opportunity to Promote IPBA, promote collecting, promote perfume bottle collecting – friendships and camaraderie.

How can we “Reconnect” with our IPBA family?

  • First and foremost reach out to another member
  • Pick up a perfume bottle buddy and go “hunting,” meet for lunch, meet for tea, view a special buddy’s collection, meet at a museum that exhibits glass (remember to follow area Covid requirements)
  • Make a new friend, pick a person in the directory near you or far away that has the same collecting interests;
  • Call a “homebound” IPBA member and chat perfume bottle collecting;
  • Organize a “zoom” call for your Chapter or others with similar collecting interests.
  • Use social media on Facebook – IPBA Fan Page, the IPBA Interactive Page, France, UK and Australian Chapter page; and on Instagram at IPBA.Global.
  • Get out one of your favorite bottles, snap a photo or two (your cell phone works as well as most digital cameras), and submit it with appropriate data to our Virtual Museum.

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