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We need your help and donations to grow our IPBA Museum Collection. We are inviting YOU, our Members, to donate to our wonderful collection. No donation is too small!

Today, the IPBA Museum Collection is housed in the IPBA Library at Perfume Passage. It is a great privilege and opportunity to showcase our IPBA Museum Collection to people from around the world who come to visit the museum complex. We are fulfilling our Mission which is “to provide information about aspects of perfume bottles and related vanity items, including their uses, history, manufacture and significance, to promote collecting perfume bottles and vanity items, and to promote fellowship among its members.”

We now have a Museum Curator,
Sally Berger,
and have streamlined the donation process.

We currently have 3 cases, and the sky is the limit as to how many we can have.
Your Donation is Your Legacy to the IPBA

Procedure for Donations:

  1. Email the IPBA Museum Curator to discuss your donation.
  2. Donor will send photos and short description of the donation(s) to the IPBA Museum Curator.
  3. The IPBA Museum Curator will respond to your email regarding your donation.
  4. All Museum Collection Donations will receive a specific identification code and a Donation Form must be completed.
  5. All Museum Collection Donations and general Donations will receive specific shipping instructions.
  6. Please do not send any additional items in your package.
  7. A Gift Receipt will be provided to you, as all donations are tax deductible. Gift Receipt will be sent after the donation is received. Please Remember: IPBA does not establish values.

Things you should know about donations:

  1. Donations to the IPBA Museum Collection will not be returnable.
  2. All costs for shipping will be the responsibility of the donor.
  3. Donations will become the property of IPBA not Perfume Passage.
  4. Donated items will have the name of the donor on display.
  5. The IPBA will maintain an inventory database of all the items in the IPBA Museum Collection.
  6. Any future changes to items in the IPBA Collection regarding additions or withdrawals would be at the discretion of the IPBA Board.
  7. A donation may not always be on display in the IPBA Collection. Some items may be rotated out for displays and special exhibits curated by the IPBA.

We appreciate your generosity!

Your IPBA Board of Directors

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