IPBA Lampes Berger: A Century of History by Gérald Vilcocq

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Lampes Berger book cover

The book “Lampes Berger: A Century of History” describes the 100-year history of this company. The first edition dates back to 1998. The most recent edition was published in 2003.

This 319-page book features hundreds of photographs arranged chronologically and describes the various factories that produced the glass for the lamps such as Gallé, Lalique, Limoges, etc. The author is Gérald Vilcocq. This book can be found in both English and French. The English version was translated by Viviane Vilcocq.

NOTE: During the IPBA 2017 Convention, our keynote speaker Richard Mamez discussed this book.

Reviewed by Afonso Oliveira.

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