IPBA Lei in a Bottle: Collecting Hawaiian Perfume Bottles by Gwen and Evan Olins

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lei in a bottle cover

“Lei in a Bottle” is a beautiful softcover book containing well over 200 photos of Hawaiian perfume bottles. While the photos and graphics are stunning, the actual stories of how the Hawaiian perfume industry came to be is captivating.

The Hawaiian perfume bottle emerged from the desire to take the fragrant lei to the mainland before jet travel made it possible. Today, these carved wood bottles are among the finest examples of Hawaii’s arts and crafts movement. In their story of the Hawaiian perfume bottle, authors Gwen and Evan Olins evoke the romance, glamour, and creativity of Hawaii in the 1930’s through the 1960’s. They reveal how the finest artistry of the time revolved around Hawaii’s natural forms and fragrances. Included are photos of packaging art, artists, graphics and advertisements.

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