IPBA Nancy: la cristallerie oubliée (the forgotten crystal factory)

Book Release Announcement:

Gérard Caussaint takes you to an incredible journey to the forgotten crystal glassworks of Nancy (1920-1934) with this unique 384-pages compendium, illustrated with over 400 photographs, drawings and documents, and organized in five chapters: The genesis of the company; The starting up of the factory; The men who made the company famous; The golden age of crystal; The end of the company. Discover the fantastic story behind this important legacy of the industry in Lorraine.

1 000 copies published by Les Éditions ALORAF.
Available late October, 2020.

Foreword by Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg, expert for the Versailles Court of Appeal: Arts and legacy of perfume in the XXth century; Decorative Arts 1880-1960

See attached PDF for ordering instructions.  Pre-sale cutoff October 20, 2020.

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