IPBA Stuart and Karoff Perfume Novelties for Dollhouses ca 1935 - 1950 by Patty Cooper

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Perfume Novelties for Dollhouses book cover

This book is about Stuart and Karoff perfume novelties for dollhouses and is the twelfth in the series of books written by Patty Cooper and printed by Blurb.com. The book is bright and well organized.  With great color photos it covers an area beloved by perfume bottle collectors.

The author did a great layout of the pages showing patent records and period ads. Perfume collectors have all heard about Karoff and Stuart, but Patty has done additional, very complete research on the histories of Karoff and Stuart and collated the data together in this small appealing book of 56 pages.

Further, she has added data for several less known producers of perfume novelties like Robinson, Antique Shoppe, Bouton and Novell. She reached out to several of our members for photos and data for the book, but she added so much new research. Her writing has humor and interest to both doll house collectors as well as perfume bottle collectors. The book has eight parts including bibliography and introduction.

I found this book about perfume novelties for dollhouses an easy read and a good addition to my perfume library. The cost of the book is about $36 plus shipping. This title as well as Patty’s other titles can be seen at Blurb.com or you can contact her at: [email protected].

Reviewed by Helen Farnsworth.

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