IPBA Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry by Annette Green and Linda Dyett

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Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry book cover

The richness and depth of Annette Green’s experience, her keen insights and vast knowledge of scents and their containers are vividly apparent in her research of aromatic jewelry as presented in “Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry”.  This is the first comprehensive treatise on this fascinating subject.  The co-authors graciously include the names of no less than fifteen IPBA members, as well as the International Perfume Bottle Association, among the sources acknowledged in the book.

Annette became aware of aromatic jewelry in the early 1980’s while developing a major exhibition for the Fragrance Foundation.  The exhibition (Fall 1987 – Spring 1989) was entitled “Scents of Time:  Reflections of Fragrance in Society”.  It graced museums in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

While seeking out collectors who would lend pieces to the exhibition and visiting museums in the US and abroad, Annette was struck with the extraordinary range of jewelry that held scent:  rings, pins, bracelets, and necklaces.  These tiny object of art, together with the mores of the societies and cultures (their raison d’etre), were the ingredients for this fabulous book.  In 1992, fashion and fragrance journalist, Lindy Dyett, joined with Annette to expand the research of collectors, museums, and designers connected with aromatic jewelry and to aid in the preparation of the manuscript.

“Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry” is written with knowledge, thoughtfulness, clarity and sensitivity.  Topics include the Pomander, Smelling Box, Vinaigrette, Pendant Flacon, and Chatelaine.  All are placed in societal and cultural contexts:  the Middle Ages into the Renaissance; from Empire to Industrialization; Modernism; and Post World War II to the present.

“Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry” is filled with depictions of parfum flacons extraordinaire – many from prestigious museums around the world – and  many more brought forth from private, world-class collections.   Some of these precious treasures have never been previously published.  The photographs of these exquisite scent containers, all designed as personal adornment, are absolutely superb.

“Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry” will thrill, enrich, educate and enlighten.  It will be a treasure and a jewel of your perfume and scent bottle library.

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