IPBA Spritzing to Success with the Woman Who Brought an Industry to its Senses by Annette Green

Reviewed by Terri Chappel-Boyd

Annette Green, in her autobiography Spritzing to Success, takes on her “fragrant journey” from her first job as an editorial assistant at American Druggist to her 40 years heading the Fragrance Foundation.

The Fragrance Foundation was formed in 1949 by six companies in America:  Chanel, Coty, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, Helena Rubinstein, and Parfums Weil.  It was a Non-Profit Educational Organization with the challenge of building the Fragrance Business.  This was an era when American Women only wore Fragrance on a special occasion.  Fragrance was displayed behind locked cases.

Annette was running her own Marketing and Public relations Agency,  Annette Green Associates, when she was appointed as the Executive Director of the Fragrance Foundation in 1962 and charged with its Resuscitation.  In Spritzing to Success, we journey with Annette as she did indeed resuscitate the Fragrance Industry.  Along the way, we experience her adventures, successes, and challenges of helping build the Fragrance Industry into the billion dollar business it is today!

Annette was chosen as the 1993 honoree at the Fragrance Foundation’s ninth annual gala “One Person Makes the Difference”.  She was saluted by Lawrence Aiken of Sanofi Beaute and Burt Tansky, President of Bergdorf Goodman who told the attendees, “Thanks to the fragrance industry’s unsinkable Molly Brown, fragrance has become a universal language and the essence of our global economy.”

I enjoyed this book on many levels.  As a veteran in the Cosmetic, Beauty, and Fragrance Business, it was fascinating to read about the growth of the Fragrance Industry.  I loved her stories about people I knew and worked with – it was a behind-the-scenes glimpse.  As a Trainer, hearing about the relevance of scents and development of the Fragrance Industry and their marketing strategies, was eye opening.  As a woman, reading how Annette Green cracked open the Glass Ceiling was inspiring.  As a Perfume Bottle Collector, I only wish there were pictures of these glorious bottles!

Annette Green tells us how lucky she has been in her career.  I think we, as Perfume Bottle Collectors and Fragrance Aficionados, are lucky to have had her in the Fragrance Business!  Her passion for fragrance, her energy, insight, and creative ideas have directly impacted the growth of Fragrance launches and sales!  Thank you, Annette.

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